Too often I go through my days oblivious

Heedless of the beauty in the blue skies above me

Insensible to the beauty of the life beneath my feet

Trapped in my head and unaware

Thinking but unthinking

Self absorbed and unobservant

Not noticing the small black dots

On the ladybug’s back

Or even the ladybug itself

Deaf to the songs of the birds overhead

Blind to the brilliant colors of the rainbow

Oblivious of all but my small concerns

Divine One, wake me now

Help me be fully present

To the miracle of life all about me

Set me free

From oblivion

15 thoughts on “Oblivious

      1. I know, it is a constant struggle in normal circumstances and in moments of stress, it is so understandable to not see it.


    1. He’s doing okay – the good news is that it looks like his kidneys are rebounding and he may not have to remain on dialysis. We know that day is coming, but the reprieve is lovely. Thank you for asking.

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