“They’re stealing our jobs”

I have heard this line more often than I’d be able to count. I am somewhat sensitive to it. I grew up in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Our family moved to Ontario and as I grew older often heard that line or one much like it: “Bloody Newfies are stealing our jobs”. At that point in time people from my native province had gained a reputation for being hard workers – something many employers looked for. Later the line would be applied to other people of various nationalities. I know my family weren’t out to “steal” the livelihood of other Canadians. We simply wanted what everyone wants: a livelihood, security, a means to feed our families and put a roof over their heads – to make a living. And so do the new comers to this country. I do not begrudge them any opportunities. Most are hard working. Most are so grateful to be in this country. And most add to the opportunities available by opening small businesses where others can be employed.

I find it disheartening that decades later I still hear that line. Or the ever present, “let them go back where they came from”. I try to ignore it, but it’s hurtful. I cannot help but wonder if the people speaking thus have ever had to worry about their chances in so far as employment is concerned. If they ever had to fear for their safety or freedom.  Why are they so fearful and so hateful in their comments? I am not an economist nor a financial wizard, but I believe in the inherent goodness of all humanity and I think if everyone were to ‘go back where they came from’ we would all be a lot poorer – in more ways than one.

Water, water everywhere

Maybe you’ve seen the photo I posted not long after moving here, but if you haven’t here it is again (bear with me, there’s a reason for this).

A view from the balcony, early August

That was taken a little over 2 weeks ago, but we’ve been experiencing a much cooler summer this year, with a lot of rain. Today it’s been pouring and here is a drastically different view:

Wetlands, after all the rain – at least the water fowl will be happy

I was shocked to see that green space awash in water when I got home from work today. It’s amazing what nature can do. The winds are also high today and we’ve received a weather alert with a forecast of heavy rains.

I think I will go read a good book and “weather out the storm”. Nothing like a rainy day and a good book. Also, I am still recovering from the move. So rest and relaxation will be the order of the day.

How’s the weather where you live? Are you enjoying a warm, sunny day?

A visit to Fort McKay to see the Wood Buffalo

Our eldest daughter does not live nearby. In fact she lives too far away for my comfort, but that’s just the worrier in me. She lives in Newfoundland, while, we, in comparison, live in Alberta – many hundreds of miles away. During each visit we have driven to Fort McKay to see if the buffalo are out and until this visit went away disappointed. It was a lovely summer day and the time we had together was growing short. So, the day before she left, we decided to try once again – with success! The animals were laying in a field not far from the fences that keep visitors out. They mostly had their backs to us but not long before we left a few of them began moving about.

The wood buffalo are well looked after and guarded from over zealous tourists

I stood there with my daughter watching them and wondering what it would be like to see hundreds of these animals thundering across the plains. The small herd here is a subspecies of the American Bison and seem very placid and calm. Try as I might I cannot imagine these animals thundering anywhere! Plus, these animals, wood bison, are heavier than the plains bison, which were all but wiped out by the early settlers. These guys seemed quite content to loll about in the sun and seemed more like the herds of cattle I am more familiar with. Still, I am glad we get to see them from time to time.

One shaggy beast was a bit more active than his fellow buffalo
Sun bathing seemed to be all most of the animals were interested in
If a person is fortunate, you may catch a closer glimpse of these magnificent shaggy beasts when they come out for a cool drink of water on a hot day. This photo was taken on a previous visit. They did not venture to the pond this time around.
This one seemed at least a little bit interested in the humans beyond the fences…

I am grateful to live a mere 54 km (34 miles) from this place where the buffalo roam. And I am grateful that after many years and several trips, my daughter could experience these beautiful animals as well.

Feeling just ducky

A few days after we moved to the new abode my hubby and I took a stroll around the duck pond. I had to take my camera with me (of course) and got a few shots of the ducks that were swimming about. Here are the results.

Love the ripples they make on an otherwise very still pond
Two-headed duck
They like to hide among the bulrushes
Just couldn’t get my ducks in a row
Can you see me now?
So nice to ave a resting place to watch the ducks
It was a fruitful day
Loving the park-like setting

For everything there is a season – turn, turn, turn

Well, it’s true, I guess, there is a time and a season for everything under the sun. It’s been a busy summer – not much fun to be had while packing boxes etc. But that is behind me now. I am still not finished with the unpacking, but at a point where what’s left can be done bit by bit. I am so grateful for the help of my children, especially my daughter who came to help with it all. She returned to her home last evening. I will miss her terribly, but very appreciative of all she did. I cannot help but mention all the help my son and daughter-in-law were as well as my other daughter and her boyfriend. We are so blessed in our family.

My body still hurts somewhat and it will take a while to recover from it all but I am content with what we have accomplished so far. We even have a few pictures on the walls that makes this little place feel more homey. We have walked around the park-like setting that butts up against the back yard here and enjoyed watching the ducks in the pond (photos will follow soon). There isn’t a lot of summer weather left but I intend to enjoy it as much as possible before the chill of fall sets in. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, I hope you’re enjoying the season. I am back ha ha. Cheers!

Wild flowers

have absolutely no idea what kind of flower this is but it’s very tiny and delicate
All together now, let’s entice the bees and butterflies

Before we moved from the last house I got to enjoy a few wildflowers I had planted. I am so glad they bloomed in time for me to see them. I hope whoever buys the place appreciates them and will allow them to stay to feed the bees and butterflies.

Looking out over the city, a view from the balcony

We have moved! I am still working on getting rid of boxes and totes and finding places for everything but the worst is over (I hope). Moving is never easy and my muscles continue to remind me I am not as young as I once was. But we are here and I thought you’d like to see a view from the balcony – one of the perks of this place is being able to enjoy watching ducks in the pond and looking out over the city. It will be a while yet before I can get back to reading your posts and writing my own but I am getting there. Have a wonderful week and until next time…cheers!

It is nice to watch the ducks in the pond and to look out over the city. As the thunder rumbled and lightening flashed we were safely ensconced in our new home.

Another shot of the view from the balcony