Ball of Twine

And if you choose

To unravel my life

As though that I am nothing

But a tightly rolled ball

Of coarsest twine

Without pattern or color

It is all in your hands . . .

Yet, you may also choose to knit me lovingly

In bold and beautiful weave

The stitches may be loose

Or bound up tightly

In intricate impossibilities

For you are my maker, and I

But a ball of twine

In your hands

Do with me

As you wish

For I am yours


To kindle a fire

This minuscule spark

This insignificant flame

Please, Divine One, come

Ignite it with Your sacred breath

Let it dance ever higher

These dry and brittle bones

Seek to be rekindled

Into something warm and kind

This, my soul desire

To walk a path straight and true,

To be a blessed reflection

Of all I know of You

All that is decent,

All that is good

Forgive this flawed, imperfect creature

And if it be Your will,

Let me grow quietly in love

Light my way to You

On gates and chimes, a prayer

Gate swinging in the wind

Discordant sound

Hinges needing oiling

Wind chimes


A welcome sound

Isn’t life like that?

Discordant, sometimes

Irritating, sometimes

Merry, sometimes

Joyful, sometimes

But always good


I thank you, God

For the wind

That brings movement

And change

Help me accept it all

The good and the not-so-good

And help me see the blessings

In both



Too often I go through my days oblivious

Heedless of the beauty in the blue skies above me

Insensible to the beauty of the life beneath my feet

Trapped in my head and unaware

Thinking but unthinking

Self absorbed and unobservant

Not noticing the small black dots

On the ladybug’s back

Or even the ladybug itself

Deaf to the songs of the birds overhead

Blind to the brilliant colors of the rainbow

Oblivious of all but my small concerns

Divine One, wake me now

Help me be fully present

To the miracle of life all about me

Set me free

From oblivion

Young love, lost

Scene from the movie, Me before You, courtesy of

“He was my first love,” she said with a faraway look in her eyes. The silence grew, lengthened, as I waited and wondered. Her fingers played with the delicate chain she wore around her neck. I thought she’d forgotten me.

She smiled a half-smile as she finally turned to me. “That was fifty years ago. He always held a special place deep in my heart,” she paused again, quiet, reflecting, still. Reliving a past I could not fathom and dare not intrude upon even if I could.

“Our parents said we were too young,” she continued, “too young to know what love is. But we knew, we both knew. I remember … It was such a tender love, almost, well, spiritual. We were so young, but we knew what love is,” her voice trailed off once again as she re-entered that distant past and tears glinted in her eyes.

And I, a fool, did not know what to say or what to do to comfort her. I, in turn, was much too young to understand. I had no knowledge of such love. It astounded and confounded me.

I was too young at that time. But now the years have tumbled by and I am now at that age that she was then. And still, I wonder at a love held close for so long. So long. A love that never died.

It’s a wonderful world

“Sunrise” courtesy of Pixabay

“And I think to myself, it’s a wonderful world.” This ballad written by Bob Thiele and George David Weiss was recorded by Louis Armstrong and released in 1967. It has been one of my favorite tunes, hands down. Songs of hope; songs celebrating life; songs that bring us back to days of our youth (misspent or otherwise) are such a joy and a blessing. 

“God gave us memories that we might have roses in December” – author unknown. That is what music is to me and such a blessing too.  And it really is such a wonderful world.

Yes, there are despotic rulers, egomaniacs and narcissistic, power-hungry leaders who don’t seem to know the meaning behind the ideas of good governance. Yes, there are horrible things being done to human beings around the globe. Yes, there are terrible diseases and natural (and not so natural) disasters. I do not deny the horrors in the world.

However, I choose to focus on the positive. The wonderful stories of people stepping up to help others; to help animals; to help the environment. “As within, so without,” as the saying goes.

Wherever you live on this bright blue marble and whatever you are doing, I hope you see the good in people and in this beautiful world of ours, and think to yourself, it’s a wonderful world.