Ball of Twine

And if you choose

To unravel my life

As though that I am nothing

But a tightly rolled ball

Of coarsest twine

Without pattern or color

It is all in your hands . . .

Yet, you may also choose to knit me lovingly

In bold and beautiful weave

The stitches may be loose

Or bound up tightly

In intricate impossibilities

For you are my maker, and I

But a ball of twine

In your hands

Do with me

As you wish

For I am yours


Fakebook: Why Deep Fakes Mean Deep Trouble

So well written – and very important!

The Conversation Room

Video and audio are the most visceral mediums of human communication. From the movies that reduce us to tears to the music that lift our spirits, what we see and hear has huge power to shape our beliefs and guide our behaviour.

We all know when we watch Star Trek or immerse ourselves in EDM that we are suspending reality in order to feel a thrill of escapism. But what if reality was suspended permanently?

The rise of “deepfake” technology has the power to fracture society’s ability to tell fact from fiction. The term ‘deepfake’ refers to video or audio that has been altered with the aid of deep learning technology, to usually show a person doing something they never did; or saying something they never said.

Though media has been artificially manipulated for decades, faster computers and easy-to-use, publicly available technology makes convincing deepfakes increasingly easy to produce and proliferate…

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A very serious Sunday

I have been thinking much more serious thoughts of late – likely due to all I have been reading: about the death knell on democracy; about the climate crisis; about mental health issues, and so forth. Sometimes I just have to wade into those dark pools of human realities.

I like to keep things light, as much as I possibly can. But that is difficult when I allow myself to read all the doom and gloom. I worry about what we are leaving for future generations, because, let’s face it my generation, the “baby boomers,” are quickly entering our twilight years. Meanwhile the powers that be seem bent on operating like its business as usual while the planet seems to be rushing headlong into catastrophe or quite possibly total oblivion.

I was reading one article that discussed the responsibility of journalists to forego using the words “climate change” and instead to call it what it is – a full-blown climate crisis. Perhaps it is well past time we woke up to the reality of all the damages done to the environment in the last hundred years. Yup, it seems pretty bleak.

Then there is the whole issue of democracy and the war on media. Nothing is quite as simple as it seems – there is no black and white but many gradients of gray. Social media has made elections much more devious and based on character (or perceived character traits) of the candidates and, as Ontario illustrated in the last provincial election, platforms that are thin if there is any at all. We vote more with our emotions than with our heads.

And our heads have been inundated with social ills from overcrowded prisons to waiting lines in hospitals. Mental health issues are wide spread with little hope of an answer to the many plagues, such as depression, that abound these days.

I don’t know what to say about it all except that it is very worrisome. I’d like to stick my head in the sand until it all gets magically better. But magic is a mirage – much like the smoke and mirrors that is politics.

I do believe in the inherent goodness of humanity. At every turn in history when push came to shove the despots and tyrants never won – they may seem to in the short run, but in the long run cooler heads do prevail. Perhaps it takes a period of chaos or the imminent destruction of the planet for people to stand firm and shout out a decisive “NO”.

Please, let those cooler heads come to the fore now. May God grant us better leadership and more applied intelligence than we’ve been witness to in the past number of years. Please, God, let it be so.

How about them apples?

There is a crab apple tree right in front of the living room window. Our neighbor has one as well. She picked the apples last fall – I have no idea what she may have done with them. I left the ones on ours for the birds to eat during the long hard winter. This spring her tree was covered in beautiful blossoms – many more than graced the one in our yard. I was a bit envious, to be honest. However, the last few evenings we have had the pleasure of watching cedar waxwings visit our tree to snack on last year’s apples. Last evening it was pouring down rain quite hard and the birds returned again to shelter from the rain and to gather much-needed sustenance. I am so glad the apples are there for them. We may not have had the prettiest tree in the neighborhood this spring, but I consider it such a blessing and a treat to be able to watch these little guys feast and flit back and forth among the leaves.

Here are a couple of photos for your enjoyment.

Dried crab apples – a delicacy for the birds (apparently)
One of several cedar waxwings visiting the crab apple tree out front of the house

Abiding pleasure

To let go of the need to control

And all that I would manipulate,

If I could – consciously or no

Is such a pleaure

To open wide my eyes, my heart

To gather all you would impart

Is ecstasy- a joy beyond my capability to capture

In words

I thank you for help and healing


Five Senses Awakened

Rock solid is the ground you have set me on

A light breeze ruffles my hair and cools my skin

A feast of color lays before my eyes

As flowers of every color sway gently in the field

Their sweet scent tickles my nostrils

My feet carry me forward

The long grasses caress my bare legs as I walk

Gravity carries me quickly down the sloping hill to a beach

Where I kick off my shoes to feel the warm sand

between my toes and on my soles, massaging them

I listen to the ocean’s voice as it laps upon the shore

Every sense is attuned to the life around me

My spirit filled with the splendor and the peace

And I sigh

I am content

And I thank the Creator