taken on the West coast of the island of Newfoundland on route from Corner Brook to Stephenville – photo by Carol M Hopkins

I am an amateur photographer, a lover of nature, a poet, writer, and lover of life – all life!

As of October 2021 I am also a published writer! Although I have had many news articles published this is my first novel: The Quarry, available online in both print and eBook formats. Soon to come: Johanna’s Legacy!

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I am a graduate of Cape Breton University where I earned a Bachelor degree. I also hold a diploma from the College of the North Atlantic in Journalism. In addition I successfully completed the Diploma in Ministry Program at St. Francis Xavier University.

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I am currently employed at our local library in a part-time position. I am also a free lance writer. My favorite topics include human interest stories, inspirational stories, stories about life challenges, faith and spirituality, and much more.

I am happy to announce the publication of my first novel, The Quarry, available online and through Chapters/Indigo bookstores. As well as Barnes and Noble, Amazon and more online book stores.

Life Partner

My husband is a diabetic with heart disease and kidney disease, which features often in my blog posts. We have survived wildfires, flooding and most recently we are dealing with the pandemic known as Covid-19. We have been through many adventures together, which have taught me a lot. I share insights of lessons learned over the years on my blog.

Sadly, my husband died on the 23 September 2022 and so my writing will include my journey through the grief and pain of living without him.

Light of My life: My Fur Baby:

Since my children are now all grown and gone my kitty has become the focus of much of my attention. You will find stories about my fur baby,Callie, a Ragdoll cat, who has lived with me for seven years at time of writing. I also post photographs of her as well.

Where I’ve been

I am Canadian. I lived in Newfoundland through my formative years after which I spent my teens and twenties in Ontario where I met my husband. In 2014 I moved to Alberta. My blog features photographs taken in these three provinces as well as snippets of the life I’ve lived in each of these beautiful regions of our country.

Let’s make something together.