Busy Bee

She’s going in deep, a little bee collecting nectar

It’s been a busy week. I went back to work after being home pretty much for the past year. I did try to go back to work in December. It didn’t work out. It was nice to be back and feeling fairly healthy again. The library is fully open to the public and it was nice to see familiar faces as well as a few new ones. My daughter-in-law was flown back to our local hospital to continue her recovery and my daughter is coming home to live with us. Yup! There’s been lots going on.

Some mornings are very early – in time to watch the sun rise

Some days begin at 4:30ish. Yup, that’s early. Sometimes I sleep in to the late hour of 5 a.m. if I’m lucky. Those are the days hubby has dialysis. I hope you all have had a nice week and I wish you a cup overflowing with blessings through the week ahead. Happy August!

Falling between the cracks of covid

“Into each life some rain must fall”

Yesterday I wrote about waiting and how hard that can be, especially waiting when a loved one is going through surgery that may or may not be successful. In the days ahead we will continue waiting. My daughter-in-law came through the surgery but unfortunately doctors were unable to remove all the growth and now we wait upon the biopsy results. The good news is that most brain tumors are benign, so I am clinging to that little factoid.

It is unfortunate that P had been to the hospital several times over the past year and each time was sent back home without even a cat scan being done. She’s been suffering horribly with headaches and with vertigo and nausea, particularly more so this past couple of months. I am wondering how many other people have fallen between the cracks as health professionals fought the covid virus. I fear there are many, my daughter-in-law among them.

We are so blessed to come from large families, all of whom have been praying for her, as well as many friends and you, my blogging community. Thank you all for your kind words, your compassionate hearts, and sincerity. I am leaning heavily on that as I turn to face whatever may come next. May all your kindnesses return to you a thousand-fold.

Waiting yet again

I well remember the agonizing wait while my hubby underwent surgery. The doctors had warned he might not make it, and if he did he stood a good chance of experiencing a fatal heart attack within six months of the surgery. He came through the surgery and the following six months without any heart attacks. We are both grateful for that. That was two years ago.

Today my son is going through that same agony. My daughter-in-law had to be air lifted to the city for emergency surgery. She has a brain tumor. As I type the minutes are slowly counting down. I am waiting for a call from our son to tell me she’s been taken to the operating room. My heart is with them both as they travel down this very difficult path.

As always, when I am stressed I turn to writing (and praying silent prayers). If you care to, would you please add your prayers to mine for a successful operation and a speedy and full recovery. Thank you!

Beauty of the early morning

Sunrise viewed from our balcony

Three times a week I have to be up early – like 4:45 a.m. or there abouts. I am not thrilled with that. I love mornings but 7-ish is plenty early for me. Yet, it is lovely to see the sun rise and take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this world of ours. I am totally enjoying cooler weather the past couple of days. We had a bit of rain yesterday – not nearly enough after the heat wave that stuck around for a couple of weeks. Conditions are still ripe for wild fires so I am hoping and praying for more rain. This weekend also brought warnings from Environment Canada about poor air quality as wildfires burning here and in British Columbia have caused a lot of smoke which is now drifting East. We could smell the smoke in the air the last few days. Hopefully the winds will come and disperse it.

At any rate, I just wanted to share my photograph with you all and wish you a lovely day and a wonderful week ahead.


I am embedding the link here for my book, The Quarry, available now as an E book on Amazon:

An historical tale set in rural Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada

Here’s a description:

When a labourer at a limestone quarry gets badly hurt at work it sets off a chain of events that reach from rural Newfoundland’s West coast across the island to St. John’s. The story is set in a previous century when the safety of workers and the hardships they face were low on the list of priorities for most employers. The Quarry addresses social mores and the challenges faced at that point in time. The patriarch of the Kelly family keeps a secret that if discovered could make life so much tougher than it already is. The Quarry is a tale of faith, family, and the seemingly insurmountable challenges of daily life. Yet, heroes do exist and come to their aid as an unscrupulous fiend seeks to profit from ill-gotten gains and the bigotry that saw many families hide their indigenous roots.

I want to thank my fellow bloggers for their encouragement and support. I hope to have it available in paperback in the near future. Amazon does allow a sneak peak where you can read the first ten chapters prior to purchase, if you’re interested.

The Quarry has been a labour of love for many years, the pandemic allowed me to focus on the story and was one of the silver linings of self isolating. I imagine the world will be inundated with new books, art work, and music as well – it is one of the blessings of having so much time on our hands.

At any rate, if you do read any of it I’d love to hear your opinions. Thanks again!

To toot my own horn…nope!

Can you toot your own horn? I am so not good at that. I’ve gotten much better over the years but I always found it a painful and uncomfortable thing that I abhorred with every fiber of my being. Interviews for jobs gave me the willies because I was so bad at tooting my own horn. I was raised with the attitude that tooting one’s own horn was barbaric and braggarts were regarded with something akin to the plague – to be avoided at all costs! Humility was placed high on the values measure. I am however, very good at bragging up family and friends and their accomplishments!

Yet, we all have talents or gifts to share. They weren’t meant to be hidden under a bushel basket. So, I am in the process of publishing a novel I wrote. I have to write a blurb about myself. It’s still tortuous! But, needs must! In this world of “Influencers” and the seemingly insatiable appetite for “likes” and followers I feel woefully unprepared. How about you? Are you good at toting your own horn?

Help, I’m melting

As I type this the temperature is at 34 Celsius. Have I mentioned I am NOT fan of hot weather? Definitely not a sun worshiper! I long for the cool ocean breezes I grew up enjoying. Sigh! At least it’s not as hot as last week when we had several days of 40+ temps with night time lows of 25 and better! I didn’t even get to enjoy the less scorching temps that visited us last weekend. We had to go to Edmonton, which was a tad cooler but not by much.

Anyhow, our trips to the city will continue monthly for a while. Hubby’s eyes need care and after months of avoiding the city due to the pandemic we are trying to get back on track. Readers will remember he’s a diabetic which has caused a lot of damage to his organs, including his eyes. Unfortunately the months of avoiding the city has resulted in more damage, which hopefully after several more visits will result in clearer vision.

I don’t mind going to the city too much in the warmer months. I usually take my camera but Callie-cat, my bosom buddy and heart’s delight now rides sitting on my lap all the way there and all the way back. (She NEVER sits on my lap at home.) It’s a five-hour drive one way. I love taking photos and this last trip we were treated to the view of baby animals. I’m sad that I missed an opportunity to photograph a brand-new foal. He was still very wobbly on his feet and so freaking cute! But, I love my little feline and it came down to choosing to take photos or keeping her safe and stress-free (as much as possible with transports and traffic making all kind of noise). Needless to say, Callie-cat won out, as she always will.

I just cannot resist that precious little face….loves my Callie-cat ❤

Reflections on Canada Day

An unreflected life is not worth living, or so I’ve read. There is a lot of wisdom in that. Today is Canada Day. It is also Memorial Day in the province of my birth, Newfoundland & Labrador, the day set aside to honor the men who died at Beaumont Hamel during the First World War when the Royal Newfoundland Regiment was all but wiped out.

 Yesterday radio stations across the country gave a platform to the survivors of residential schools and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to listen to people from various First Nations speak about their experiences. Many stories were very painful to listen to. How much more painful for the people who lived through abuse and, too often death, at the hands of their “caretakers”.

 Over the past hundred years there have been so many atrocities committed against the indigenous peoples of this land. The removal of children from their families was a very dark and tragic part of Canada’s history which had as its objective to annihilate the language, religion, and culture of the First Nations peoples.

There is much to reflect upon on this day. It is hard to celebrate when so many are mourning as unmarked graves of innocents are found, and more will be found, across this land. Hundreds, and more likely thousands, of unmarked graves.

I have chosen to reflect on that and on how I might be able to make a difference, albeit small, to the lives of the people who deserve so much better than they’ve been given. The least we can do, in my opinion, is to recognize that the benefits we enjoy as the dominant culture came at the cost of the indigenous peoples of this land. Perhaps writing our MPs to let them know our views in this matter will help.

My skin is white. My ancestors came from England, Ireland, and also from the Mi’kmaq Nation. However, I only learned of this a decade ago. Sadly, I never knew the language or culture of my Mi’kmaq ancestors. I have enjoyed so many benefits, by virtue of my skin color. That needs to change. The policies and political structures that have granted so much privilege to our dominant culture needs to be dismantled and a fairer, more just society for ALL should be something we all work toward.

Yes, there is much to reflect upon this Canada Day.

Remembering once again the brother I lost

It’s his birthday today. He’s been on my mind a lot these past few weeks as his birthday drew nearer. I’ve written a lot about his death and the way he died at the hands of a drunk driver. So avoidable. On the 1st of July it will be Canada Day and I know my American friends will be celebrating the fourth of July as well. Long weekends tend to be times when the number of deaths caused by impaired drivers escalates. In Canada marijuana is legal so it is not only alcohol responsible for the carnage on our roadways. I hate to think of how many innocents will lose their lives in the coming days because impaired drivers think they are okay to drive. I doubt any writing of mine will make a difference. Still, I cannot help but plead for everyone to drink responsibly (or smoke if that’s your thing).

Chris was an amazing man. He really was. When people he worked with decades ago came to his funeral to pay their respects it gave me yet one more insight into just how wonderful and amazing he really was. So, today I honor my brother, my friend, and I pray that none of you have to ever go through such an experience. Thanks for reading.

Melting in this heat

I am not a huge fan of summer – not in this part of the country at least. I loved summer in Newfoundland but the heat here is intense and the weather forecast is predicting a heat wave that will be here for at least a week with temps in the 30s Celsius. So not a fan!

Enough grousing though. I thought I’d share with you something I’ve been working on – it’s not my novel (it may be published but not yet). This is a little children’s story I wrote promoting public libraries. It is only available as an E book for kindle. Now you know why I have not been visiting as often as usual.

I have actually written several children’s stories and they may yet end up on Amazon, we shall see. This past while has been devoted to editing my novel, The Quarry. I have enjoyed writing it and it kept me sane through the pandemic. Simone and the Book Eater was a little story I had in my head after listening to little ones wondering where the books go after they’re pushed through the dook drop. It’s a little bit of nonsense that I hope children will enjoy.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to, how about you?