On Type 2 Diabetes


I am struggling to get over the flu as I write this. My husband is still in hospital and the guilt I feel at not being able to visit him is adding to the unwellness. I keep telling myself I cannot help him unless I am well myself – can’t pour from an empty cup and all that. He’s had a lot of issues with his health for several years now. The first “rehearsal” was a heart attack back in 2004 that pulled the rug out from under my feet and left me a quivering mess for a short while. Then a quadruple bypass in 2015 and a list of hospital stays too frequent for my liking – and definitely not for his.

Diabetes causes so many complications. At present his kidneys are failing and we are fighting to keep them working well enough to avoid dialysis. The issues are many and complicated. With each new challenge comes the fear he will not be strong enough to fight another battle. So far, he has always come through it. I am becoming more confident that he will again. We started this year with him in hospital. I am hoping we won’t end it the same way. I have been so proud of him for watching his diet and being on top of his blood sugars. I just wish he had taken better care of his health years ago, but what’s done is done and so we try to carry on.

Diabetes is a horrible disease. It attacks all major organs as well as eyesight and digestion. But it can be managed. We have a friend who was recently diagnosed with this disease. She gets very frightened when she sees what my hubby is going through. But, you see, he was in denial for many years and refused to change his eating habits and at times refused to take his medications – which is why he’s in this condition today. So, if you or a loved one is given this diagnosis don’t panic. It can be managed, but healthy eating and medication is of utmost importance.

Okay, I have spent the bit of energy I had to write this, now I have to put myself back to bed. May all who read this take heed as far as diabetes is concerned, and may you all be well in mind, body, and spirit.



Written by Carol Hopkins pHOTO BY aNASTACIA hOPKINS 

One more time

I am given a glimpse

Of the pain that lies in store

One more rehearsal

Of when you may be here no more

Mourning comes

At the mere thought

Tears, wet and hot

Stream down my face

I am not ready for you to leave this place

To keep a positive frame of mind

Seems impossible

And yet

And yet

I have found

That when I release all fears

And trust in the divine

I know I will find comfort

And peace

Sweet peace

And ferocious courage

To go on

Can You?

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Northern Ireland seems to be in a state of permanent darkness at present. When I wake up it’s dark, cold, wet and windy. I go to work and sit in an office all day. With no windows. Then I come home. It’s dark, cold, wet and windy. The only time I encounter daylight is on my lunchtime run. When it’s slightly less dark but still cold, wet and windy. Has the Arctic Circle been moved south without anyone telling us?

These conditions affect us all but at least I have a warm house to go home to at night. On my walk to and from the office I feel sad for the growing number of rough sleepers who I pass. I stopped the other day and gave a few pounds to one of my homeless friends, Inesa. She was huddled outside the train station with her dog, Poppy. Poppy is…

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At times we may hide ourselves

Deep within a self-made cave

When wounds are deep and trust is low

When thoughts we think are full of woe

And blessings are unseen

curses seem the way of things

it’s hard to listen or hear the clarion bell

That speaks to us of our worthiness

The chime is sweet, but we are weak

And deaf to its dulcet tone

Blind we are to beauty rich

And bitterness enters in

Words and thoughts swirl within

The whirl pool of our minds

Deepest waters drown out the good

And doubt seems to rule the day

When offered options to sink or swim

We too often choose the former

And sink deeper below the waves

But like the sea we can cast ashore

The flotsam and jetsam of our minds

All that harms and poisons us

We have control of these

Though we think it otherwise

Oh no, my dear, the lies you tell yourself  as you curl up here

Like a fetus within the womb

Will surely be your ruin

Look here and see within this mirror that I hold for thee

The mirror that is my eyes, for loveliness, and goodness too

Are what I see in you

Do not hold fast your stubborn disbelief but take a chance and see

I will reflect back to you all the grace and sweetness you possess

Your kindness and loving disposition

Set free that demon that’s riding high upon your burdened soul

Let it, not you, sink far below

To never rise again

Come swim, come swim

And leave, at least for now

This horrid isolation

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Now that the manuscript for ‘The Kirkwood Scott Chronicles – Skelly’s Square’ is with my editor, you would think I could slow down and take a break. Er….no. I’ve decided to give the traditional publishing route a shot and see what all those lovely literary agents think of my work. In order to do that, I have to submit query letters, a book synopsis, stuff like that. Does this madness never end?

I need YOUR help, good people of WordPress. So, pay attention please.

Do you know any reputable literary agents currently accepting submissions for Urban Fantasy novels?

If you don’t, I’d be grateful if you could reblog this to your community as maybe someone out there might be able to help.

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Giving Tuesday

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I always find this time of year with its total obsession on Black Friday sales and rampant consumerism rather disheartening and troublesome. At a time when climate change is causing natural disasters everywhere it is obscene the number of trucks, trains, planes, freighters, and various modes of transport that puff smoke into the air as goods are shipped around the world. The production and transportation, and consumption of said goods adding to the carbon imprint on our planet, and therefore adding to global warming. What will it take, I wonder, for humanity to become aware and take charge to change the damage we are doing to earth.

And then came the concept of Giving Tuesday. A day set aside to give back through a united effort to harness the resources, time, and talents of organizations and individuals to make a positive difference in our world. By doing so the small acts of kindness are magnified and enlarged. To give does not necessarily mean financial donations, but the giving we can all do no matter what our bank account balance may be. We can all be a little kinder, a little less self-absorbed.

Image credit: Pixabay

A homeless man who is at the library where I work on a daily basis has taught me much about giving. He gives of himself every day – by making us smile and laugh at his jokes. Sometimes he brings us little gifts like candy. He is so grateful for the services we offer (and which we are being paid to offer). This man is so full of joy and life, despite his present circumstances. He helps me-remember what life is truly about – caring for one another. How he keeps his sense of humour astounds me at times. Even in the dead of winter when temperatures can plummet substantially and we each grouse about the cold and having to leave our warm homes (with full bellies), or having to clean snow off our windshields, this man braces the cold and takes a bus to the library where he regales us with stories and his views about our fellow citizens and community.He makes light of just about everything. I am so grateful for this individual.

So,today is Giving Tuesday. Let’s be a little kinder and let it serve to remind us we are not the be-all and end-all of existence, and we can make a difference.