It is week four now…time goes by so slowly.

Feeling weak and helpless

As I stand here by your side

Hoping, praying

Let healing come

Please, dear God, let healing come

For him

For me

For all the world I see

Struggling with brokenness

And still and all

I know that You

O divine Creator

Hold us still

In the palms of your hands

Though weak and small

You see us all

In our entire humanity

Please grant us strength

And courage too

To get us through these days

These hard and lonely days

These blessed days

When we are ground to bits

And all the pieces

Do not seem to fit

Yet your wisdom guides us on

Through the darkness

Through the fear

Through all anxiety

And crushed dreams

Waiting for our honest response

Waiting for a blessed ‘yes’

Through these days

When You seem far away

And silent

Yet even in the grasp of doubt

I believe

You are here by our side

Through these days

22 thoughts on “Through these days

  1. Hi Carol. I read your comment on Dr. Perry’s post about boundaries. I would love some more insights as I am also posting about boundaries on my blog. I am wondering how you would suggest teaching children about boundaries . . . Please send me an email. I would love to chat!

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    1. Hi Brittany, I am touched that you would consider my thoughts worth reading. I will have to give this a bit of thought before I can respond. Unfortunately my husband is very ill at the moment and I am with him at the hospital, so it may take a while before I get back to you. Thank you.


      1. Carol! I just saw that you responded. Thank you for your consideration!
        I am sorry about your husband. I hope you are finding hope and peace amidst this. Blessings your way.
        Just get back to me whenever you can.
        Take care.

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  2. I have been so very blessed in so many ways, but life is life and often trials come our way. That is my reality at the moment. Thank you so much for your kind and generous response – may many blessings be yours as well.


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