We have past the one-month mark since my hubby’s surgery. If you follow this blog you already know that doctors had warned he could have a heart attack within thirty days of his surgery. I am happy to say that has not been the case

To add to that good news, his kidneys seem to have rebounded and though they are far from optimum they are at least pretty much back to where they were functioning prior to that awful gall bladder attack and subsequent major surgery. His kidney doctor has been keeping a close eye on him while he has kept him off dialysis to see how he does without it and so far, so good. We know that he will eventually end up on permanent dialysis – which we’d been told back in March would be the case when he was first placed on it. In fact, doctors told us at that time that it was highly unlikely that his kidneys would bounce back.

He is surprising his doctors and I couldn’t be happier about it! Still, we have to be cautiously optimistic as the issues with his heart, kidneys, and lungs remain. The damage caused by over twenty years of diabetes cannot be corrected. One day at a time, which is how we should live anyway, right? Nobody is guaranteed a future, but I am exceedingly grateful that whatever days remaining will not be spent on dialysis – at least not in the immediate future.

I sincerely thank all of you who have sent messages of support and for those who have prayed for both of us. May all your kindnesses return to you a thousand-fold.

20 thoughts on “Cautiously Optimistic

  1. I will continue to pray for you both! Sometimes miracles seem to appear a little at a time because we are finally seeing….hindsight gives us the big picture! I hope you keep seeing the miracles everyday💕

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    1. Thanks so much Sue. I don’t know how I would have managed without the ongoing support of my blogging community as well as my family and friends. We have been richly blessed. Life is good!


  2. Oh Carol. I knew that there was something major wring with your husband and that he had had major surgery, but I did not know exactly what it all was. Now I do know, and I am very sorry all this has happened for you, but also exceedingly glad that things are going so well, and that your husband is surprising the doctors. Prayers will come from here for you Carol, for this goid news to continue. My husband has diabetes too, but nothing like this. I feel for you my friend. Much much live to you. God bless you both ❤️❤️❤️

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