My daughter-in-law sent me a Newfoundland classic for supper today: cod and potatoes with drawn butter. It made me think of back home, the place where I was born and raised. I live in Alberta now and there is much to love about this place that I now call home. Still, I get reminiscing about the island I still love. I do miss the ocean with its constant changes and moods. These were taken at Port Harmon, the deep port in Bay St. George, and part of the town of Stephenville on the island’s west coast.

This anchor has sat at the harbour for many, many years. I remember my Dad taking us to Port Harmon to see the ships docked there. This anchor looms large in my memories.
We could see these limestone cliffs across the bay in Port au Port, where I grew up. The stone is quite light and shimmers in the sun.
Driftwood of all sizes line the beaches
A long stone jetty reaches out into the bay at little Port Harmon
There is beauty as the seaside, even in the foggiest weather
I loved walking along the rocky beach and listening to the waves crash ashore
The power of the ocean waters can uproot trees along the seashore, especially where erosion takes place
I really wanted to drag this piece home for the yard. It had such interesting form.
Small fishing boats come into harbour with their loads of fish, shrimp, crab, lobster and more…nothing like fresh seafood!
Right before a storm, the skies were a rich variety of hues of blue and grey – it was amazing to see and to hear the waves crashing upon the beach. Nature is so awesome to witness….
While the skies were darkening quickly in one direction, looking the other way it was almost serene in its beauty and majesty
Where the sky meets the sea there is always, always magic

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