This is the day to celebrate life

It is an absolutely gorgeous fall day here. I took a walk around the neighborhood and snapped off a few photos. I hope you enjoy them.

As once the earth nurtured the leaves, so now the leaves nurture the earth

The park is empty, not one soul in the stands. Baseball is over and the “boys of summer” are gone
The children are all back at school, skates and bicycles parked
The rocks and trees are sentinels that stand through the year, through every season, every day
The golden days of autumn have at last arrived and so the world turns slowly edging us to another year
“No man is an island” we are needed everyone
I bid you now a dew 🙂

Have a wonderful day. Until next time, cheers!

When the sun rising grabs you

Isn’t it funny how something so simple can lift you so high? I woke up with worrisome thoughts in my head. It took a while to shake it off. Then I went outside and was treated to the miracle of sunrise. I have seen so many beautiful sunrises and sunsets, but sometimes they really get me. It’s like this morning’s arrival of the sun grabbed me by the lapels and shouted, “Hey, it’s a new day – appreciate me!” And I do. Here is a shot of the sun cresting the horizon and turning the skies to pinks and crimson. Wherever you are and whatever you’re at I wish you blessings.

It’s a brand new day – enjoy it! The sun rising over Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

A new day, a new dawn: simple pleasures

I was just out on the balcony watching children rolling down the incline that is part of the green space behind our apartment building. I love watching children play – they remind me of all the simple joys I experienced myself as a child growing up in rural Newfoundland. We had so much fun! Life really is all about the simple pleasures, isn’t it? And how unfortunate it is when we allow the days to become a grind. Admittedly, it is damned difficult to notice all the small blessings when you are in the midst of a proverbial storm. But today was a good day (and really, most of them are – trials and tribulations not withstanding). I woke up around 5 a.m. the sky was dark and there was just a faint line of red on the horizon. It was nice to greet the dawn and wonder what the day might bring. As most of you know, I work in the local library and you never know who will walk through the doors, or what pleasant surprises you may encounter. Children feature in many of mine – they are just so honest and often very, very funny. At any rate I just wanted to share my thoughts and this photo I grabbed of the lightening skies as a new day dawned. Wherever you are and whatever you may be experiencing, I hope you recognize the small blessings and the simple joys.

Breaking dawn, a new day to celebrate life

Capturing Autumn

“By all these lovely tokens September days are here, With summer’s best of weather and autumn’s best of cheer.” – Helen Hunt Jackson

The green space behind our apartment building is bursting with gold – that bright and burnished gold of autumn. Looking out over that green space I am struck by how some trees are already naked while others are in full golden splendor. Others hang onto their greenery with a tenacity that is almost miraculous, and no, these are not evergreens. Two standing side by side, both the same but for their colors: one holds on tightly to its emerald sheen while the other has traded green for an amber hue.

We went for a stroll around the storm pond. A few ducks paddle there still, not quite ready to migrate to warmer climes just yet. They linger on and likely will for a few more weeks yet. It’s a joy to see them, as though their continued appearance holds off the chill winds and frost that is sure to come – a fanciful thought, I know.  

Here are a few photographs of our “back yard”.

A fair fall morning, lovely to behold
Some are well ready for the icy grip of winter, shedding their bounty onto earth to begin the life cycle anew
A golden sentinel
As long as the ducks remain I know winter is still a season in the future, and not to dwell just yet on winter storms and ice
Autumn heralds the harvest of food of every kind, but these berries nature gives for winged ones defiant of winter’s cold and stay throughout the snow and ice until spring comes once again. Berries red and berries orange feed the birds and keep them strong.
Caught in the act of the great changeover

“Autumn … the year’s last, loveliest smile.” – William Cullen Bryant

More than just a pretty face a.k.a. life with Callie-cat

I have not been given to any deep or philosophical thoughts of late. I have been resting a lot and recuperating from the business of life and all that it entailed. Resting that is, and playing with my favourite fur baby. Callie keeps life interesting for sure with her constant desire to play games such as “chase me” and hide and seek. She’s really quite good at it, but will pop out when I ask, “where, oh where has my Callie-cat gone?” Her intelligence is a constant source of delight and amazement to me. Here are a few captured images of life with Callie.

Hiding in my writing desk a typical “If I fits, I sits” kind of thing
Captured but she had a message for me, “I said NO, hoooman”
Sometimes she pretends to be all dignified. (She isn’t)
Loves her belly scratches (not dignified at all)
Loves sky gazing and cloud watching, especially as birds fly by
A hiding spot, but her curiosity gets the best of her when I call
Sometimes after a good game of catch me if you can she needs a good long nap
Oh yes, Miss Callie is much more than just a pretty face

Water, water everywhere

Maybe you’ve seen the photo I posted not long after moving here, but if you haven’t here it is again (bear with me, there’s a reason for this).

A view from the balcony, early August

That was taken a little over 2 weeks ago, but we’ve been experiencing a much cooler summer this year, with a lot of rain. Today it’s been pouring and here is a drastically different view:

Wetlands, after all the rain – at least the water fowl will be happy

I was shocked to see that green space awash in water when I got home from work today. It’s amazing what nature can do. The winds are also high today and we’ve received a weather alert with a forecast of heavy rains.

I think I will go read a good book and “weather out the storm”. Nothing like a rainy day and a good book. Also, I am still recovering from the move. So rest and relaxation will be the order of the day.

How’s the weather where you live? Are you enjoying a warm, sunny day?