R & R this Sunday afternoon

August has been a tumultuous month for us and I am so very weary. I don’t have much to post about but did want to share a couple of photographs of the gorgeous pink skies last evening. Alberta skies never fail to impress me – so beautiful!

Forecast was for thunder storms and rain, but we didn’t get either one
Zoomed in on all that spectacular pink!

Wherever you may live on this beautiful planet, I hope you get the chance to enjoy nature and all its gifts!

Busy Bee

She’s going in deep, a little bee collecting nectar

It’s been a busy week. I went back to work after being home pretty much for the past year. I did try to go back to work in December. It didn’t work out. It was nice to be back and feeling fairly healthy again. The library is fully open to the public and it was nice to see familiar faces as well as a few new ones. My daughter-in-law was flown back to our local hospital to continue her recovery and my daughter is coming home to live with us. Yup! There’s been lots going on.

Some mornings are very early – in time to watch the sun rise

Some days begin at 4:30ish. Yup, that’s early. Sometimes I sleep in to the late hour of 5 a.m. if I’m lucky. Those are the days hubby has dialysis. I hope you all have had a nice week and I wish you a cup overflowing with blessings through the week ahead. Happy August!

What do you see in the clouds?

As a child a favorite activity of mine was laying in the grass and watching the clouds and trying to see animals or people in their formations. Some time ago I was walking with the daughter of a friend of mine. We had a great conversation about clouds and played the game, what do you see in the clouds? It was great fun. I still love watching the skies. And, I still see things in them. Summertime is perfect for relaxing in a lawn chair and sky gazing. Here are a few photographs captured from the past week. What do you see?

Whether wispy, feathery clouds or dark and menacing, clouds fascinate me. They speak to my heart, to my soul, whispering poetry that could never be defined in words.

Apple Blossoms Beauty

You know it’s definitely spring when the pink blossoms flourish on the apple trees. It is a beautiful day here today. I wanted to share a small piece of it with you who have been so kind to visit my blog. I do love spring. The weather warms up, but not so hot as to make it uncomfortable. No need for air conditioners as yet. At least not here in Northern Alberta. It’s been an up and down week as far as temperatures go. Some parts of Canada have seen a late snow. In our neck of the woods we did see a few days of lower temps and rain, but no snow, thankfully. We needed the rain though. As I type this I can hear the red-winged blackbirds singing away around the pond in the green space behind the building. It’s lovely!

But I digress – apple blossoms, yes! In some areas of the city the streets are lined with crab apple trees which are beautiful in spring and feed the birds through the fall and winter. We were out and about and I captured a few photos – some in my son & daughter-in-law’s yard. I felt a little bit silly as I crept ninja-like down their driveway trying to steal up on birds visiting the feeders. Alas, there is a school yard right next to their house where children happened to be playing. Their noisy ruckus frightened the birds away so no matter how stealthy I tried to be the birds would fly off at the smallest sound. Lucky for me there was beauty to be found overhead in the apple trees….

one of many crab apple trees that line a street downtown
overhead at my son & daughter-in-laws home
the fushia blossoms were gorgeous against the blue skies
different shades of pink
driving to the small community of Draper, part of the city but still very rural so nice to have this area that is yet to be overrun with buildings and people
the Clearwater River, one of five that converge in the city

First long weekend of spring/summer 2021

It was a beautiful day for a drive in the country. One nice thing about living here in this city is that you don’t have far to go to enjoy the outdoors. Here are a few photos I managed to capture this morning:

Our first stop was at Gregoire Lake just outside town where I was treated to the bird song of this little sparrow
Gregoire Lake
So glad the ice is all gone, for this year at least
The boat ramp at Gregoire Lake (wish we had a boat)
Spring buds – signs of new life were everywhere
This little fellow was singing his heart out….scroll on, you’ll see
He was really quite loud – it was a joy to hear
expelling all that energy singing requires sustenance, it was time for a snack
Beaver dams are common all along the highway

Celebrating Earth Day 2021

Yes, we are still dealing with a pandemic and all the fall out that has ensued and I know it will continue to wreak havoc. Yes, life is very difficult for humankind at this point in time. Regardless of the plethora of bad news stories I choose to celebrate this beautiful planet today and all the life it contains. Wherever you live on this little blue marble I hope you have the opportunity to pause and celebrate too. Here are a few of my favorite photos I have captured over the years. Happy Earth Day!

Buds and Birds

It’s been a lovely week, busy but lovely – lots of sunny days and a bit warmer temps. It’s nice to see people walking their dogs and children playing in the green space behind our building. I went for a walk on that same trail where only days before there was still snow and ice – it’s gone now. Lots of trees are budding and I was overjoyed to see a flock of cedar waxwings. Here are a few photos from my walk in the woods:

Snow and ice are mainly gone, it was a wee bit muddy but a joy to walk anyway
One of many cedar waxwings
There were also a few juncos
The flock of cedar waxwings at the very top of a birch tree, you can also see the buds on the tree
Buds and birds and beautiful blue skies

The number of cases of covid is exploding here in the city where we live. It is distressing. Before too much longer most of the population will be vaccinated. Something to look forward to, as well as the lazy days of summer.


And the days are come with hope in the air and the sun kisses our faces with love, filling us with joy. I have been thinking a lot about hope and all it means. The photo is mine but these beautiful words are not. Still, I hope they touch your heart as they have mine.


“HOPE” :  a poem by Alexis Valdes

When the storm has passed

And the roads are tamed

And we are the survivors

Of a collective shipwreck.

With tearful heart

And our destiny blessed

We will feel joy

Simply for being alive.

And we’ll give a hug

To the first stranger

And praise our good luck

That we kept a friend.

And then we’ll remember

All that we lost

And finally learn

Everything we never learned.

And we’ll envy no one

For all have suffered

And we’ll not be idle

But more compassionate.

We’ll value more what belongs to all

Than what was earned

We’ll be more generous

And much more committed.

We’ll understand how fragile

 it is to be alive.

We’ll sweat empathy

For those still with us and those who are gone.

We’ll miss the old man

Who asked for a buck in the market

Whose name we never knew

Who was always at your side.

And maybe the poor old man

Was your God in disguise.

But you never asked his name

Because you never had the time.

And all will become a miracle

And all will become a legacy.

And we’ll respect the life,

The life we have gained.

When the storm passes

I ask you Lord, in shame

That you return us better,

As you once dreamed us

Muck, mire, and wet feet/happy heart

It was Easter Sunday, a day I’d normally be spending with family but once again the pandemic prevented us from doing so. It was an overcast day and threatening rain but the outdoors was calling so I took myself on a little walk. We live in Northern Alberta where true spring doesn’t make an appearance until April, and then we have to wait for the warming temps to melt the snow and ice. Needless to say there was still signs of a receding winter on the little trail I walked. There was mud, muck, and mire aplenty but I didn’t care. My soul felt a need to walk beneath the trees and I humoured it.

I’d stopped to try to capture a photo of the little juncos that were singing prettily along with the sparrows, welcoming spring. I should have known better, the ice was not solid and as I crept closer to the tree it broke. Needless to say my feet were soaked. I really should have worn rubber boots! On top of that the little junco flew off just as I was about to snap the pic. Still, it was a lovely little walk and hearing the birds made my heart so happy! Here are a couple of photos, evidence if you will, of the woods in springtime Alberta.

As you can see, the snow is melting and the ice was very soft
Overcast skies threatened rain, but it cleared off later in the evening

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, I hope your feet are dry and your heart is happy.