Sing of spring: More birds

All of the photos featured in this post were taken by my firend, nature enthusiast, Kathy Marche. She takes phenomenal photographs around the Stephenville/Port au Port areas in Newfoundland, Canada. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

“Whatcha looking ay, Willis”
Nuthatches seem to be natural acrobats
This one seems to have earned its stripes (sorry for the bad pun)
Birds are great at hiding in plain sight
An American Bald Eagle on the hunt
Black-capped Chickadee, one of my personal favourites, though very common and found pretty much everywhere, their friendly curiosity and cheerful song is always a delight
an exceptional shot of a Boreal Chickadee
Kathy caught this Canada Jay as it was jumping from branch to branch
Another shot the pretty little Canada Jay a.k.a. Gray Jay
Downy Woodpecker – they sure can make a racket but nice to see
Finches are common as well, but also lovely to hear
Perched and perfectly positioned to have a look around
Naturally, gulls are a common sight around Newfoundland waters. This one is a great black-backed gull
Hairy Woodpecker (female)
Hairy Woodpecker (male)
nice close up of a Hairy Woodpecker
Herring Gull
Herring Gull – though some people consider gulls a nuisance I always enjoyed seeing them circling overhead and squawking to one another
Iceland Gull
Mourning Dove
Pine Grosbeak (male)
Pine Grosbeak (female)
Purple Finch (doesn’t it look like it had its feathers styled punk? haha)
“Here get my good side”
Red and White-winged Crossbills
Red breasted Nuthatch
Red-breasted Nuthatch – so pretty
An immature Red Crossbill preening his feathers
White-winged Crossbill
Snow Bunting
Snow Bunting
And back to the Chickadees – just because I love them so 🙂
Since we began with a Nuthatch I guess it makes sense to “end” with one. And now this “tale” is done.

My sincere thanks and deepest gratitude, Kathy, for allowing me to feature some of your stunning photographs on my blog. I hope my readers enjoy them.

Serenity Sunday: Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

Revisiting Banff National Park, if only through my photographs and memories. These were taken in May 2016 when we were evacuated from Fort McMurray due to the wildfires. There was a lot of stress at the time as we didn’t know if the house we lived in was still standing or when we might be able to go home. Banff was a much needed break. I remember how beautiful the mountains were and how comforted I was just taking in the views. It truly was balm for my soul.

We stayed in the small town of Canmore, which is actually inside of Banff National Park
This is a view from our hotel window
It was a very cool and overcast day, not the best weather for taking photos
The mountain peaks were still snow-capped and there was a fair amount of fog
a small stream flowing down the mountain side
The buildings in the town proper are quite beautiful

taken from downtown Banff, which is, of course, encircled by mountains
I was wishing the sun would come out, but even on a cold, foggy day the Rockies are amazing
Rivers run through the park rushing over the land in rapids and cascades
taken from the opposite direction – so beautiful there
taken from the car as we drove into the park
You may be able to make out the hawk flying out of the fog. I took this from the car so it’s not great quality but I was trying to capture the hawk…..
I would have liked to hike up into the mountains, sadly I was unable to take the opportunity at that time
Craggy peaks, covered in snow

I am not a professional photographer, but I hope you enjoyed this little trip in the Rockies with me. If you ever get the chance to visit Banff you will not be disappointed. My photos hardly do justice to this national treasure. I am so grateful I was able to see the mountains and hope to return one day soon.

Birds in the bush

These are a few photographs I took last June 2019 of cedar waxwings in the crab apple bush out front of the house I was living in at the time. With spring just around the bend I thought you’d like a break from corona-virus posts. Nature always cheers me up and soothes my soul.

Handsome dude, isn’t he (she?)

What is better than watching a bird in the tree?

Two birds (actually it was a flock, but I only managed to capture two

These cheerful fellows can be seen in woodlands pretty much year round according to the Cornell lab. They also visit suburban areas as well, eating fruit and or berries wherever they may find food. These fellows returned to the crab apple tree again and again, even though the apples were last year’s crop they didn’t seem to mind. A feast is a feast I guess.

Serenity Sunday a.k.a. A virtual visit back “home”

Just comforting myself with a little virtual trip back to my childhood home and native land: the West coast of the island of Newfoundland in Canada. I took these photos back in 2012, but there has been little change in the area since then. Come, see my stomping grounds.

This is the isthmus joining the Port au Port Peninsula to the rest of the island
As you drive along the Front Road, which follows the coastline, you will come to the small community of Felix Cove
There are new wonders around every bend, this is George’s Lake, just outside of Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada
Overlooking the city of Corner Brook, on the island’s West coast
Port au Port Bay, NL, Canada
Looking out over the community of Mainland on the Port au Port Peninsula
This pond lays in the valley of the hills and is much bigger than the photo shows
Pinchgut Lake, near Corner Brook, NL, Canada
The hills get ever higher as you drive up the Northern Peninsula on the West coast of the island, these are the foothills of the Long Range Mountains on Newfoundland’s West coast
Often the view is ethereal and dreamy
Heading North along the highway just outside Corner Brook, NL, Canada
The Agathuna Quarry, once a busy enterprise that employed many local residents just outside Boswarlos, NL, Canada

Feline Friday: Fotos only

Posing for the professional – just kidding. Photo by my daughter, Anastacia Hopkins
My favorite toys are strings – any strings, any colors Photo by Anastacia Hopkins
This is my chair, hooman Photo by Anastacia Hopkins
What’cha eating hooman? Photo by Anastacia Hopkins
I’se hiding. I’se scared. Photo by Anastacia Hopkins
I’se self-isolating in my hidey spot. Photo by Anastacia Hopkins
My box – all the boxes mine, mine, mine. Photo by Anastacia Hopkins

Snow days and Sunshine

It has been a fantastic week weather-wise. The temperatures have been more in line with early spring and the sun has been shining more often than not. Such a wonderful reprieve in the dead of winter.

Blue skies on a bright sunny day
Pretty in Pink
Sunsets were glorious, this one taken on February 1st made it hard to believe it’s winter in the frozen north
Pristine poetry – the trees were decorated nicely by Mother Nature

Hope you’ve enjoyed the view from my back yard, so to speak. Until next time, cheers!

This is the day to celebrate life

It is an absolutely gorgeous fall day here. I took a walk around the neighborhood and snapped off a few photos. I hope you enjoy them.

As once the earth nurtured the leaves, so now the leaves nurture the earth

The park is empty, not one soul in the stands. Baseball is over and the “boys of summer” are gone
The children are all back at school, skates and bicycles parked
The rocks and trees are sentinels that stand through the year, through every season, every day
The golden days of autumn have at last arrived and so the world turns slowly edging us to another year
“No man is an island” we are needed everyone
I bid you now a dew 🙂

Have a wonderful day. Until next time, cheers!