Be Careful what you wish for….

After a week in the deep freeze the sun is shining again, but the wind makes it feel very cold. It is what it is. We do live in Northern Alberta after all. I was getting rather antsy with all the inactivity though. Even though I do work part-time, it does begin to feel somewhat like the movie, Groundhog Day, with every day seeming pretty much like the last: eat, sleep, work, do it again. I promise the universe I will not complain about the lack of excitement any longer, however, after events of last night and this morning.

Last night the fire alarm went off late in the evening. My husband has been having constant low blood pressure readings. That means he can get quite dizzy when standing and is at risk of falling. So, here we were, fire alarms blaring while we tried to decide what to do. He uses a walker, so stairs are a huge problem. (We live on the fourth floor of an apartment building.) In the end I decided to nip down the stairs to see what was going on. I took my phone with me so I could let him know what was happening. I met lots of anxious neighbors on the stairwell, each of us wondering if there was indeed a fire or if it was a false alarm. In the end it was just a false alarm. That was wonderful. Not the kind of excitement anybody wants in the depths of winter however!

The depths of winter are particularly cold in the evening and in the early morning, before the sun has worked its charm. I had been up maybe ten minutes or so when it happened again. The freaking fire bells went off and cleared the sleep completely out of my brain. (It usually takes me thirty minutes or more to be fully awake.) Did I say Groundhog Day? “Ugh,” I thought, “here we go again”. Pull on the mukluks, the gloves, and the parka, trudge down the stairs to investigate, but this time I forgot my phone in the apartment. I guess the sleep muddle wasn’t completely cleared. In the end it was another false alarm. So, universe, thank you for the wake-up call. Yes, life can be a bit boring when you are confined indoors, but we are warm, safe, and have everything we need. That more than compensates for a little ennui. I will remember to count my blessings, and to be careful what I wish for!

My wish for you in 2020

As the year and the decade winds down these last few hours I am busily preparing myself for the days and weeks and months ahead. This past year was so very challenging in so many ways. But I am so grateful that we always had enough: enough support; enough love; enough strength; enough courage; enough of whatever was required to meet our needs. That is my wish for all of you as the earth spins on and on. Happy New Year!

The big check

This morning my husband had a lottery ticket he bought checked at a corner store. The clerk gave it back to him with several slips of paper and told him to go home and call the number provided. Well- you can imagine the excitement! I have to say I am proud of how calm we both were. Adopting a ‘wait and see’ attitude my hubby made the call. It turns out the clerk had made a mistake and inadvertently validated the ticket but could not give my hubby his winnings – a whopping four dollars!!!! So now he has to wait for a special envelope to arrive in the mail so he can send the ticket back to the corporation and eventually receive his big check.

For the few minutes in between checking the ticket and making the phone call we wondered, ‘is this what it’s like to win a lottery?’. Perhaps, like many people, we place way too much hope at times in winning a lottery – the chances are, after all, minutely small. Why do so many of us place so much stock and faith in lotteries anyway? I mean, logically we know the chances are so small that we cannot even imagine how little they are. Yet hope springs eternal. We fall for the slick advertising that sells us on our own dreams and aspirations. The marketing schemes are akin to the slickest of con jobs.

In one sense I deplore the marketing aimed at the most financially-strapped of the population. In another sense, well you never know, right? There is a chance – an extremely slim one, but a chance nevertheless. Hmmmm I hear the next jackpot is pretty big with lots of extra prizes. Perhaps I should buy a ticket?

God’s sense of humour

IMG_6283with god resized

When we had to move from the home I loved I was extremely disappointed. It was not so much the house itself, but the location. There were several mature trees on the lot and it was right across the road from a nature trail. And so, I prayed about it. ‘Please, God, help us find a home that suits our needs. Send me a sign when we find the right place.’  The new place is lovely – much roomier than our previous abode. I have to say the location is not nearly as ideal, but I had neglected to add ‘must have mature trees and lots of birds’. At any rate when we came to look at this house we moved into I had to laugh for on the wall were several biblical quotes, including “With God all things are possible”. Needless to say, we took the place.

But I have been missing the birdsong and the variety of winged visitors I had enjoyed at the previous address. Then a couple of weeks ago a pair of American robins built their nest in a flower box situated on the railing of my next-door neighbor’s front steps. It is literally a few feet away from us and I can watch her from the window very easily. It is as though the creator read my mind and granted me the beauty of watching this mama robin. A few days ago, the eggs hatched and now we are treated to scenes of both parents delivering food to their chicklets.

God goes by many names and concepts – whatever you may believe, I hope you see evidence of the creator at work and enjoy the wonderful sense of humor. I am grateful and feeling very blessed.