Sun on Snow

There is a beauty to winter, however much I dislike the cold – and this past week has been brutally cold! Yet, seeing the sun rise on my way to work is a sight I am blessed to see, and I would battle the cold for such a view. The evening sunsets are also beautiful as the sun turns the snow on the hills a delicious shade of pink. These are a couple of photos I took with my phone trying to capture the magic, the majesty, and the wonder….

The sunset was spectacular and even made the parking lot at work a place of beauty

Even though the winter is cold the sun promises warmer days ahead and I am grateful

Funky Frost

My words are frozen, buried beneath the ice and snow like last summer’s flowers
Frosted icicles that once were verdant branches
Fruitful ideas are few and far between

As winter plunges me into the dark and cold I turn to other creative outlets, my trusty camera in hand
Hoping to branch out into other artsy endeavors

Photographs I’ve taken of the aftermath as I wait for spring

Wanting to Hibernate

San Diego Zoo – image courtesy of Shutterstock

What is it about the weeks after Christmas that fills me with such lethargy? Perhaps I overindulged? Perhaps it is the knowledge that winter’s grip is really in its infancy and we have several more weeks of bitter winds and bracing frigid temperatures yet to endure.

It’s only the 9th of January after all. Time to count my blessings once again, to acknowledge the warm house I live in and food on my plate. What is it about the cold that makes me turn into a whining, complaining ass? (Mostly I talk to myself about all that I dislike about winter, so don’t worry. I won’t go into my litany of complaints here.)

I hope and pray to get through yet another winter with some semblance of sanity and grace. I have been told, though don’t take this as a fact – it isn’t – that human beings also have within our DNA a left-over metabolic mechanism that causes us to be sleepier in winter and with a tendency to do much less than usual – not unlike hibernating bears, but not, of course, to the same extent. Well, that makes sense to me. Short, cold days make me want to curl up with a good book and wait for Spring. Maybe I am part bear, but I hope I don’t go about growling too much!

Winter blues


I guess I was too optimistic yesterday – I was reminded how cold it still is when I awoke to a freezing house because the furnace is not working! A repairman was here and is headed back to the shop. We are hoping the necessary part is in stock; otherwise it will be tomorrow before he will be able to repair it due to the fact that the part may have to be ordered from Edmonton. Oh joy, oh bliss – winter is having the last laugh even as the sun shines. On a positive note there is a wood burning fireplace we can use if it gets any colder. And we have a stack of firewood in the garage, so it’s not so bleak. And I do like sitting in front of a roaring fire (or at least I used to before the wildfire that swept through the city nearly two years ago). I guess I will find out if that’s an option. Aw life – your challenges are never-ending.

Farewell to Winter

Spring 2018

Spring is in the air, even though there is still a couple of feet of snow on the ground it is days like this that lend me hope that summer is not too far off. The sun is shining, birds are visiting the bird feeders, and it’s good to be alive. You’ve got to love the end of February with its hope of winter’s end when you live in the north. Unless, of course, you are a lover of skiing, skating, snowboarding and other winter sports. I, however, enjoy none of those activities. I prefer the feel of spongy green grass under my feet or the sensation of toes curled in sand at a serene and quiet beach.  Farewell to winter. I wish I could say I will miss you, but I won’t!

Winter walk


Today is the first day of the Alberta Winter Games 2018, with each community planning their own activities to celebrate winter play.  It is a perfect day. The sun is shining. It is relatively mild with just a touch of a breeze – perfect weather to get out and enjoy winter sports. I am not much of a sports fan, but I do enjoy a walk in the woods. I am posting a few photos I took this morning – nothing spectacular, but I hope you enjoy them nonetheless.

Winter in Fort Mac: not as cold as you think


Before my son and brother convinced me to move to Fort McMurray I was wary. I was wary of the frigid temperature that can dip to -40 Celsius.  It took a lot of persuading on their parts to sway me. Eventually they succeeded and this is my third winter in the ‘frozen north’.  On a positive note, the cold temperatures mean there is far less snow to shovel, and seriously, there are not that many days when the thermometer dips to such lows.

For the most part I enjoy living here – cold weather aside.  I am blessed to live across from one of the many Birchwood Trails that crisscross the city. I have had the good fortune to see deer, coyotes, rabbits, and a variety of birds. There are also bears, foxes, and assorted mammals that inhabit the area – though I have not seen any of these. Being a nature lover this is as close to heaven as I can get whilst living in a small city.

Every place I have lived in this fair country has offered its share of pros and cons and while it is very cold here at times, the kindness of its people and the joy of having the opportunity to explore the trails more than compensates.  I count myself most fortunate to live here and call it home.