Dialysis Days and Covid-19

Dialysis days are always fraught with the unknown. He can come out of a treatment feeling just fine, but other days he’s weak and prone to dizziness. Some days his heart rate is fine and his blood pressure steady, other days not so much. Today was a dialysis day. It was not one of the “good” days. He’s resting now while I write. That’s good. He needs it.

One of the added stressors to going out for treatment is the fact that the unit is on the fourth floor of the local hospital. Hubby is one of the so-called vulnerable. His health is fragile and under normal conditions that’s challenging enough. Then along came a pandemic to add even more layers to an already precarious existence. Although neither of us spoke of it we were both anxious about him leaving the house at all, but dialysis is not something one can afford to miss. However, the added stress was allayed somewhat when the powers that be set up a coronavirus testing clinic across town and far from the hospital. In addition, nobody can enter the hospital without being questioned at the door. A hand sanitizer is ever present and the public are commanded to use it. There is no choice given. That has also made us both feel a bit better.

So far, we have been incredibly fortunate. According to the municipality there are only four confirmed cases of the dreaded covid-19 here in our fair city. I do have to give a shout out to the mayor and councilors for doing a stellar job. The city moved fast to make sure the pandemic didn’t get a foot hold here. I am glad they took the precautions they did. Yet, as we all know, the virus is a sneaky thing and can lay in wait in people who display not a single symptom, yet can infect others. The coming weeks and months will tell the tale. But, so far, so good. Here’s hoping for continued good fortune, even while I am heartsick at the stories coming out of major cities around the world. My thoughts and prayers are with them all, especially the most vulnerable whom I identify with most closely. God help us all.

Walking off the stress and anxiety

We are most fortunate to live in an apartment building with a very nice green space behind it. Like most of us dealing with the fallout from Covid-19 I have been anxious and stressed at times. The unknowns can be challenging, to say the least. So, I decided enough was enough and I had to do something positive to deal with it. I’m afraid I am not a terribly active person. I figure my job at the library gives me lots of physical activity with lots of walking back and forth and completing various tasks. But, with the virus came the news that the library would be closed for the time being so I have been at home basically 24/7 with only trips to the grocery stop for necessities and the trips to the hospital for hubby’s dialysis treatments. It is still winter here in Alberta, although the calendar says differently. Luckily the sun has been shining even while cold northern breezes still blow. Here are a few photos of the walkway around the green space.

Although this isn’t the best photograph (it was still twilight when I entered the still snow covered green space. It was a nice invigorating evening walk.
The municipality has been doing a stellar job at keeping the pathway cleared for people who walk their dogs here or families stroll with their little ones. I am so grateful for this space.

Although the calendar says it’s spring winter hangs on longer in the North. I am grateful for sunny days, even if it is still a bit nippy outside.

Hope this finds you all healthy and finding ways to handle the inevitable stress. Stay well my friends and stay safe.