The big check

This morning my husband had a lottery ticket he bought checked at a corner store. The clerk gave it back to him with several slips of paper and told him to go home and call the number provided. Well- you can imagine the excitement! I have to say I am proud of how calm we both were. Adopting a ‘wait and see’ attitude my hubby made the call. It turns out the clerk had made a mistake and inadvertently validated the ticket but could not give my hubby his winnings – a whopping four dollars!!!! So now he has to wait for a special envelope to arrive in the mail so he can send the ticket back to the corporation and eventually receive his big check.

For the few minutes in between checking the ticket and making the phone call we wondered, ‘is this what it’s like to win a lottery?’. Perhaps, like many people, we place way too much hope at times in winning a lottery – the chances are, after all, minutely small. Why do so many of us place so much stock and faith in lotteries anyway? I mean, logically we know the chances are so small that we cannot even imagine how little they are. Yet hope springs eternal. We fall for the slick advertising that sells us on our own dreams and aspirations. The marketing schemes are akin to the slickest of con jobs.

In one sense I deplore the marketing aimed at the most financially-strapped of the population. In another sense, well you never know, right? There is a chance – an extremely slim one, but a chance nevertheless. Hmmmm I hear the next jackpot is pretty big with lots of extra prizes. Perhaps I should buy a ticket?