Let’s celebrate! It’s World Environment Day!

So, it’s World Environment Day! Let’s celebrate the planet and its awesomeness! I truly do love nature. As I write I am remembering visiting my husband’s aunt and uncle. While we were there we somehow ended up at their neighbor’s place across the street. My children were very little then and one of them had picked up a caterpillar and brought it to me. I bent down and what followed was a conversation with my little ones about caterpillars. I have no idea what that conversation entailed but I do remember the neighbor remarking, “Oh, we have an environmentalist in our midst”. I remember being somewhat surprised by the comment. I honestly thought at the time that most people shared my views. Sadly, I came to understand that no, that was not the case.

We are living with climate change and all the backlash that has entailed with so-called natural disasters causing untold destruction and upheaval. It does not have to be this way. Human beings can make better choices. Politicians can be moved to enact better environmental protection laws. I have seen politicians back down when faced with public outrage over a variety of social issues. We need to make our voices heard.

What social issue is more important than the environment on which all life depends? Let us all make better decisions, please. We can do our small parts at home by reducing waste, by becoming more informed, by respecting our local green spaces and wildlife, and in a myriad of other ways. I will not belabor the point, better writers than I have articulated it well, time and time again.

Let’s celebrate this world.  Take a deep breath and thank the trees for providing us oxygen. Listen to the birdsong and be grateful for their music. Dip a toe in a river, pond, lake, or ocean and be cleansed, or better yet drink a tall glass of cool water and be quenched.  Gaze at the beauty surrounding us all and let it feed your soul. Take your shoes of and walk on the cool grass on a hot summer’s day. Life is good, but it could be so much better. Let’s take good care of this little blue marble we call home.

Down by the pond the ducks have returned, a nice surprise

I was so excited to see a pair of common golden eyed ducks in the pond a few days ago. Unfortunately by the time I went down to try to get better photographs they had disappeared. They came back today!

The black and white one is an adult male, the one with the brown head is a female

The little devils started swimming away and I had to walk around to the opposite side of the pond to get more shots. They’re pretty hardy creatures, the pond still has a fair bit of ice.
Couldn’t resist grabbing a shot of a Raven in the grass as I walked around the pond.
Apparently the golden eyed duck breeds in boreal forest areas, which is where the city is located: smack dab in the middle of a boreal woods.
I guess you can tell we’ve come to the end of this “tail”.

Small disappointments, but hope prevails

I was so excited to catch sight of a pair of Common Goldeneye Ducks down on the pond last evening. It’s a sure sign of spring and I had been looking forward to their return. I snapped off a couple of photographs from our balcony, unfortunately they’re not the best quality as I was soooo excited to see them.

Hearty pair of Common Goldeneye visiting the pond, even with ice still in evidence, one had dived under water, looking for food, perhaps?

I went out for a walk around the pond this morning to see if I could get better shots, alas I was disappointed – they were nowhere to be seen. But they may have been hiding in the long grasses and bulrushes that surround the pond.

Bits of ice and snow on the pond, but the weather is warm today so hopefully it will all be melted by day’s end.

However, I did chance upon a raven having a chat with his friend the magpie:

I think Raven was throwing his head back and laughing at something Magpie had told him

I am hopeful of seeing the ducks return again. Last week I saw a pair of Canada Geese flying overhead so spring is definitely underway and I am grateful. It’s been a long winter!

A new day, a new dawn: simple pleasures

I was just out on the balcony watching children rolling down the incline that is part of the green space behind our apartment building. I love watching children play – they remind me of all the simple joys I experienced myself as a child growing up in rural Newfoundland. We had so much fun! Life really is all about the simple pleasures, isn’t it? And how unfortunate it is when we allow the days to become a grind. Admittedly, it is damned difficult to notice all the small blessings when you are in the midst of a proverbial storm. But today was a good day (and really, most of them are – trials and tribulations not withstanding). I woke up around 5 a.m. the sky was dark and there was just a faint line of red on the horizon. It was nice to greet the dawn and wonder what the day might bring. As most of you know, I work in the local library and you never know who will walk through the doors, or what pleasant surprises you may encounter. Children feature in many of mine – they are just so honest and often very, very funny. At any rate I just wanted to share my thoughts and this photo I grabbed of the lightening skies as a new day dawned. Wherever you are and whatever you may be experiencing, I hope you recognize the small blessings and the simple joys.

Breaking dawn, a new day to celebrate life

Water, water everywhere

Maybe you’ve seen the photo I posted not long after moving here, but if you haven’t here it is again (bear with me, there’s a reason for this).

A view from the balcony, early August

That was taken a little over 2 weeks ago, but we’ve been experiencing a much cooler summer this year, with a lot of rain. Today it’s been pouring and here is a drastically different view:

Wetlands, after all the rain – at least the water fowl will be happy

I was shocked to see that green space awash in water when I got home from work today. It’s amazing what nature can do. The winds are also high today and we’ve received a weather alert with a forecast of heavy rains.

I think I will go read a good book and “weather out the storm”. Nothing like a rainy day and a good book. Also, I am still recovering from the move. So rest and relaxation will be the order of the day.

How’s the weather where you live? Are you enjoying a warm, sunny day?


In the concrete jungle

Where sky scrapers block the sun

Where blue skies are but patches

In a world of grey stone

My soul thirsts and hungers

For green trees and birdsong

For running waters

That flow over rocks and stones

Here in this city

I feel small and alone

Memory brings me back

To oceans deep and wild

To the towering mountains

And emerald valleys lush and kind

Soon, I whisper

Soon I will be there

Where rivers rush to meet their mother

And waves crash on the shore

Soon, I promise myself

Envisioning sand between my toes

Where no cement unbending

Cause my soles to hurt

My soul too, hurts

But soon this will be

Just another memory

Of my travels through this life




It clings there

One single solitary leaf

Its siblings long since composting

On the ground below

Its colors are no more

It is a dry, lifeless, brown

And yet it holds fast

Evidence of a nearly forgotten spring

When it was young, pliant, and green

Yet still it adheres persistently to its branch

Through strong autumn winds

And winter’s frost and freezing cold

This one, single, solitary leaf

Its beauty long since faded

Unshakable and defiant it stays

Its attachment unbreakable, unassailable

Staunchly it clings there

And I wonder how it can be so strong

So tenacious?

Tree knots

Butterfly on a log

Tree knots

That look like eyes

Are they watching

As we walk by?

Knots on trees

That have fallen

On the ground

A new home

For things that creep

And crawl among the loam

Knots that

When counted

Tell of age

And years

Living grain surrounds them

As they reach up to the skies

Whether upright

And standing

Or fallen

Upon the earth

Tree knots tell a story

Of the circle of life

Elders of the planet

Do you watch us on our way

You grant us clean air to breathe

And shade a sunny day

Give thanks

For the giants

And for the lowly bush

Green royalty

They give us

Breath and life assured






Yellow Butterfly

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the master calls a butterfly.” – Richard Bach

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein

yellow butterfly2222222222

I did not notice all the color this butterfly possesses, nor the markings on its wings – my eyes are not what they used to be. It was wonderful and amazing to see the detail in this photograph once I zoomed in and cropped it in a photo editor. I am not a professional photographer by any means, but I enjoy the shots I do get with my Canon Rebel DRL I am enthralled by the magic of nature and its wide variety of life forms. I enjoy nature, but I am not a scientist – I do not know what species of butterfly this is, but it is pretty. There were a lot of these yellow butterflies visiting this summer. Fall is well upon us and soon winter will spread her white cloak over all. Every season is beautiful, but I do look forward to seeing these winged beauties once again.

The Conversation

The conversation 2


“Come, rest upon my petals here and tell me of your story.

Where have you been, My little friend?”

Said the flower to the moth

“I roam high above, where you can never go.

I visit plants and trees and flowers sweet everywhere I travel,”

Said the moth to the flower.

“Oh, to fly up high, to soar upon the winds.

To not be planted in one place, to see beyond the wall.”

Sang the flower to the moth.

“Aw, but you are treasured, for your beauty and your scent.

No worries about foes like birds that would eat you, if they could,”

Said the moth to the flower.

“There are pros and cons to every Life,”

Continued he to she. The moth thought to comfort her with his words so wise

And yet the flower pined and pined for freedom to travel far.

“It’s true, I am admired, and watered every day, but if you think me safe right here

You know not all my visitors,” replied the flower,

“For there are bugs that chew my leaves, And spiders everywhere. Not to mention

honey bees That feed upon my nectar.”

“Aw, so you serve this world,

Nourishing the pollinator,” the moth cried out.

“Oh silly moth, I know the truth – that you as well

Pollinate us flowers,” she answered,

“And so, you see, we have need of thee.

When you brush your soft, soft wings

Against my little petals, you do more than tickle me

Like some ethereal feather. And when you chance to nibble me

And drink deeply of my nectar,” she shyly whispered, “you too carry my

Essence to continue seed production.”

The moth stretched out his wings and proudly strutted his stuff

He thought about all the good he did and didn’t remember why

Venus flytrap chewed up his kind, that naughty, naughty flower.

It was because the caterpillar he once was did damage to her leaves

and ruined her every finery….

The flower knew this, but did not say, for his friendship she treasured

After what seemed a lengthy pause, the moth did once more speak

“We each do our part, to bring beauty to this world, and I will speak to north wind

And ask him when you’re ready, to blow your petals far above the wall so you can see

The wonders of this world,” the moth proclaimed.

And so, it came to be, that during summer’s warmest days the flower bloomed and blossomed. But in the fall the north wind kept his promise and lifted high her petals. She traveled far beyond the wall and lived at last her dream.