God’s sense of humour

IMG_6283with god resized

When we had to move from the home I loved I was extremely disappointed. It was not so much the house itself, but the location. There were several mature trees on the lot and it was right across the road from a nature trail. And so, I prayed about it. ‘Please, God, help us find a home that suits our needs. Send me a sign when we find the right place.’  The new place is lovely – much roomier than our previous abode. I have to say the location is not nearly as ideal, but I had neglected to add ‘must have mature trees and lots of birds’. At any rate when we came to look at this house we moved into I had to laugh for on the wall were several biblical quotes, including “With God all things are possible”. Needless to say, we took the place.

But I have been missing the birdsong and the variety of winged visitors I had enjoyed at the previous address. Then a couple of weeks ago a pair of American robins built their nest in a flower box situated on the railing of my next-door neighbor’s front steps. It is literally a few feet away from us and I can watch her from the window very easily. It is as though the creator read my mind and granted me the beauty of watching this mama robin. A few days ago, the eggs hatched and now we are treated to scenes of both parents delivering food to their chicklets.

God goes by many names and concepts – whatever you may believe, I hope you see evidence of the creator at work and enjoy the wonderful sense of humor. I am grateful and feeling very blessed.

Sacred dance, sacred pain

Yesterday my younger brother was killed in a tragic car accident. The pain is nearly unbearable. But I will remember his kindness, his generosity, and his humongous heart.  Most important to me right now is that his children, just beginning to tread the road into adulthood, know that their aunts, uncles, and cousins share their grief and their hurt. I pray they know how much they are loved.

He was killed in a head on collision just minutes from his home.  The other driver made the poor choice to drink and drive. Naturally my whole family is shocked by this news and many are justifiably angry. Too many people continue to make this choice never believing they may end up being responsible for taking a life or lives.

We are all mere humans – sometimes our choices lead to disastrous consequences both for ourselves and for others.  I cannot dwell on this now. Right now I need every ounce of strength to get through this. I do not have energy or the inclination to play the blame game. No amount of penalties or jail time for that driver who took my brother’s life will bring him back to us.

Today I will do my absolute best to let my loved ones know how important they are to me. I will pack a bag to make the trip to be with my family during this horrendous and senseless ordeal.

As I take part in this sacred dance I know the Divine will guide my steps and bless my pain transforming it into something sacred and good. Life is so very fragile. Hug your loved ones. Let them know you care. Enter into this sacred dance called life.

Life is a mystery


Life is a mystery

An ever-winding river

Rippling over boulders and sand

Flowing over the lands

A wondrous journey

Sad times

Joyful times

But at all times a mystery

Beings of light and goodness accompany us

In human form they help us learn

And aid us on our path

Challenges arrive like a river bend

Spilling us out onto new terrain

New vistas

New outcomes

Always surprising

Always growing

Life is a mystery

This Weird and Wonderful World


I love when I find something unusual or unique to photograph. Perhaps it’s only me that can see an aardvark in a piece of driftwood or a worm (where there is no worm) on a bright green leaf or the head of a wolf in a tree stump. What can I say? My mind works in bizarre ways at times. My imagination takes over and I try to capture with my camera what I see in my mind’s eye. There is beauty in nature, of this I have no doubt, but there are also elements of the mystical there too – at least that has been my experience. At other times it is just the way the light hits an object or creates a frame like the way the sunlight makes the trees seem like an archway leading to a fairy land – pure magic! And sometimes it is perplexing finds like the rusted out bed frame on a nature trail, or two crows seemingly kissing on a telephone wire. The world is filled with the weird and the wonderful and I celebrate it all.