Neglected and Abandoned; in response to Lynn’s Tuesday Photo Challenge

And so, it stands like an orphan child left all alone. Abandoned. Empty eyes and torn clothing, shabby and forlorn. My mind wonders as it wanders through the past years: what children may have played in the fields out yonder? How many sticky fingers touched the door? Were they happy here, that family who once sheltered here? Where did they go, the family who once called it home? The romantic in me pictures it as it once must have been, when hard-working hands pounded in the last nail and then stood back with pride, admiring his handiwork with pride. Poor old thing sure has seen better days. But I wonder what secrets lay between the floors? What story would this old house tell of yesteryears? Poor neglected child.

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The current

The Current –

Swimming upstream

Against the current

Currents that dash you

Against rocks and harm you

Buffeted and bruised

Torn and bleeding

Currents that carry you to calm coves

Where healing begins

Currents that shape and mold you

Carrying scars

And lessons learned

The current is not cruel

It just is

Today I will swim with the current

I will not fight it

But will enjoy its power

And its strength

To carry me

Where I need to be

Do not look to the stars


Do not look to the stars

The answer is not there

Nor is it in the widest ocean

Or on the mountain tops

But look inside, deep inside

Where you will discover

The secrets hidden in your heart

Behind some thick and heavy door

That you can open if you have the will

And the courage

To face what lays there

Curled and forgotten

Within the confines

Of your self

To write


Words flowing into words

Ideas tripping over themselves

Thoughts running through my mind

Like a derailed locomotive

Crashing like waves on the seashore

Releasing pent up emotion

Setting free the pain and the joy

It is a new day

A new chance

To explore

And breathe in

New air