For everything there is a season – turn, turn, turn

Well, it’s true, I guess, there is a time and a season for everything under the sun. It’s been a busy summer – not much fun to be had while packing boxes etc. But that is behind me now. I am still not finished with the unpacking, but at a point where what’s left can be done bit by bit. I am so grateful for the help of my children, especially my daughter who came to help with it all. She returned to her home last evening. I will miss her terribly, but very appreciative of all she did. I cannot help but mention all the help my son and daughter-in-law were as well as my other daughter and her boyfriend. We are so blessed in our family.

My body still hurts somewhat and it will take a while to recover from it all but I am content with what we have accomplished so far. We even have a few pictures on the walls that makes this little place feel more homey. We have walked around the park-like setting that butts up against the back yard here and enjoyed watching the ducks in the pond (photos will follow soon). There isn’t a lot of summer weather left but I intend to enjoy it as much as possible before the chill of fall sets in. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, I hope you’re enjoying the season. I am back ha ha. Cheers!

Looking out over the city, a view from the balcony

We have moved! I am still working on getting rid of boxes and totes and finding places for everything but the worst is over (I hope). Moving is never easy and my muscles continue to remind me I am not as young as I once was. But we are here and I thought you’d like to see a view from the balcony – one of the perks of this place is being able to enjoy watching ducks in the pond and looking out over the city. It will be a while yet before I can get back to reading your posts and writing my own but I am getting there. Have a wonderful week and until next time…cheers!

It is nice to watch the ducks in the pond and to look out over the city. As the thunder rumbled and lightening flashed we were safely ensconced in our new home.

Another shot of the view from the balcony

Found a place to live

I dislike moving intensely and what with hubby’s health issues and work, it’s going to be challenging. But, we did finally find a place to call home. This time it’s an apartment, which will be a big adjustment and we will have to downsize once again. Purging cherished items can be difficult, but the up side is that there will be less to haul.

The new place looks over a park and there is a walking trail not far from the back of the building. So, at least we will have a nice view. I have to get back to packing, but I am taking a bit of time to myself today. I just wanted to let the people who follow my blog know that we have found something that I think will work for us. I appreciate you all more than you could possibly know. If I could prevail upon your kindness, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as hubby cannot lift or haul anything at all so we will need a lot of help. Yet, God is good and has provided for all our needs thus far. I will trust in the divine. Have a great day and a wonderful week. Until next time – cheers!

Callie-cat is moving. She’s not impressed, and neither am I

“What do ya mean we’re moving.Again????? photo by Anastacia

It’s been a hell of a year. After spending months in hospital we found out the house we are renting has gone into foreclosure and so we have to move yet again. Callie and I love this house and do not want to leave it, but it is what it is so I’ve been busy. Between work and packing, and life in general I won’t have much time to write or to read the wonderful blogs here. But I will will taking rests from it all (I hope) and visiting this wonderful place we call WordPress. Pray for me, please – I really, really hate this!

The kindness of friends & strangers

So, we are moving yet again and it is exhausting – as you may know. My son is working, as is my daughter. We had one friend come and help us haul boxes – heavy boxes and I appreciate her more than she knows, especially since she is also working and took her day off to help us Moving is such a big worry with my husband’s heart condition so any help at all is greatly appreciated. Yesterday two total strangers came and moved all the heaviest pieces of furniture to our new abode and refused any compensation of any kind. “Paul” thanked us for the opportunity to serve….it blew me away. It is yet one more example of the inherent goodness of humanity. Yes, life can be hard, but people like my friend and people like Paul and his son remind me that it is also very good.

Too Much Stuff


So we are moving again. I had hoped not to have to face that onerous chore for several years. Yet, it is what it is. We have only lived here for one year and it is amazing to me how much stuff   we have acquired in that short time. I have lost count of the number of bags of clothes and things we have rid ourselves of. But, that is a good thing. I am sure other people can make use of items that clogged my closets and cluttered my life. It is rather freeing to let it all go. Why do we hang on to stuff for so long? Why do we buy so much in the first place? Our consumer life styles clog the landfill and create chaos for us and a nightmare for future generations. We hoard and we hoard – to what purpose? I have been trying to simplify my life for many years now. Not least of all due to the frequent moves. I should be grateful, but I have to admit that this gypsy lifestyle is growing old – fast! And the pile of boxes and totes make me feel like I am living in a warehouse. I long for the day I can finally put down roots and never have to face another move. Alas, I fear that day will not come until I go on my final journey. Still, I thank God for the many blessings of abundance, even overflowing closets of stuff to share.

Oh the joys of moving

If you read what I write I thank you.  We are in the process of moving to a new place and life is extremely busy at the moment.  Life is an unending series of adventures in this woman’s life.  I am looking forward to new experiences, new learning, and new friends. Wherever you live, whatever occupies your time these days, I wish you peace and joy.  I’ll be back!