A very different Thanksgiving

It’s been different, that’s true. But thanksgiving weekend has been nice and I have so much to be grateful for. It snowed yesterday, most of it is gone this morning. My son dropped by to deliver home-made bread his wife had made for us and to pick up the treats we had for them. And my daughter stopped by to pick up her treats as well. I left the door unlocked so they could just come in. They wore masks, as did we and chatted a bit while standing the proscribed distance apart. It was different, but I was just grateful to see them, even if we could not all partake of the thanksgiving feast together.  We have not had many visits since this pandemic began. So, it was a real pleasure to see them both and have a mini visit with each of them. (They came at different times.) We had our thanksgiving dinner, just hubby and I. It was nice. It was different, but so nice. It took me back to the early years, before the children came, when it was just him and I.

 Later I looked at photos my sister-in-law had posted of my brother, nephews, and nieces. They were taken at the side of the highway where the memorial cross stands for our brother who was killed by an impaired driver four years ago. Four years! It’s hard to believe it’s been that long. Anyway, they were there to refresh the wood that had become weather-beaten. They re-stained the wood, added wreaths, and an owl. An owl because Chris, our brother, was a great lover of owls. I was grateful to them for doing that. Family. Family is what it’s all about, right? And though I live miles away, in another province, in fact, and could not be present, their thoughtfulness in posting the photos made me feel included and I am grateful.

I interacted with siblings, cousins, friends, and family of various relation on Facebook and was grateful for all the love and kindness shared there. Thanksgiving, wishes for good health and happiness were exchanged and I am grateful.

My Callie-cat was her usual loving and silly self, after a day of business it was nice to simply play with her, pet her, and appreciate her. And I am grateful.

Yes, it’s been a very different thanksgiving, but there is still so much to be thankful for. We have one another. We are still here, still alive, still celebrating life, still sharing our gifts, talents, selves and I am grateful.

All hail the hard working cleaning staff at every public institution

They are often overlooked or ignored completely, but how very necessary and important their work really is, and now more so than ever. So, this is my shout out to the men and women who clean up after us, who keep germs from spreading every single day of the year. They often go without accolades, and sadly, without honor. Yet without them how widespread would the common cold and influenza become? All work is honorable and good. ALL work.

I work at our local public library, which is housed in a huge recreational and sports complex. Every day, and actually several times a day, I see them coming in wheeling their carts with cleaning supplies and brooms etc. and always with a friendly smile and a greeting for us at the front desk. They clean EVERYTHING and I am so grateful they do. They are every bit as important as our medical staff; as our first responders; as every person who serve the public in any capacity.

Thank you, Divine One, for our wonderful and too often forgotten cleaning crews. God bless them all.

My Symbiotic Friend

Mutualism: Symbiotic relationships Credit: ThoughtCo

My symbiotic friend

On whom I often lean

You lift me up,

Help me smile

On days seemingly cheerless and grim

Oh, how I’ve come to depend on you

And I wonder what it is

I give to you

That keeps you here by my side

I hope I cheer you

As you do me

I hope my strength is enough

To buoy you up on days too bleak

I want so much to give to you

All you’ve given me, and more

Ah, my symbiotic friend

My senses are keener

Because of you

My mind clear and sharp

For the questions you ask of me

Forcing me to mine deeper

Until the answers flow

My symbiotic friend

I thank you

My wish for you in 2020

As the year and the decade winds down these last few hours I am busily preparing myself for the days and weeks and months ahead. This past year was so very challenging in so many ways. But I am so grateful that we always had enough: enough support; enough love; enough strength; enough courage; enough of whatever was required to meet our needs. That is my wish for all of you as the earth spins on and on. Happy New Year!

Abiding pleasure

To let go of the need to control

And all that I would manipulate,

If I could – consciously or no

Is such a pleaure

To open wide my eyes, my heart

To gather all you would impart

Is ecstasy- a joy beyond my capability to capture

In words

I thank you for help and healing


Five Senses Awakened

Rock solid is the ground you have set me on

A light breeze ruffles my hair and cools my skin

A feast of color lays before my eyes

As flowers of every color sway gently in the field

Their sweet scent tickles my nostrils

My feet carry me forward

The long grasses caress my bare legs as I walk

Gravity carries me quickly down the sloping hill to a beach

Where I kick off my shoes to feel the warm sand

between my toes and on my soles, massaging them

I listen to the ocean’s voice as it laps upon the shore

Every sense is attuned to the life around me

My spirit filled with the splendor and the peace

And I sigh

I am content

And I thank the Creator

A Belated List of Thanks

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”  –William Arthur Ward

As many of you know, my husband was recently discharged from hospital after spending nine weeks there. Part of that time was spent at our local hospital until he had to be flown by air ambulance to the city. Being so far away from home meant dealing with many challenges.

 First of all was the care of our fur baby, Callie-cat. So, my first thank you goes to my son and daughter-in-law who took such good care of her in the days following our sudden trip to Edmonton. After a week or so it became apparent that this hospitalization may be quite extended and it was becoming difficult for my son to make the frequent trips to our home to care for her. Then my daughter stepped in, taking Callie to her place for the duration. Added to the pet care my children were an enormous help in other ways, like packing clothes to send to us as well as other necessary items. My daughter-in-law made banana bread for me (twice) and included it in care packages they sent down. This is only a small list of all they did to make life easier and I honestly don’t know what I would have done without their help.

Then there was the help I received from coworkers and friends who helped make our enforced stay much less stressful. I hope they know how truly grateful I am. One friend made a special trip to the city to bring the clothes and things my kids had packed for me. No small favor as the city is a five-hour drive one way!

Added to these kindnesses were the frequent phone calls with family and friends that helped me keep my sanity and acted as an anchor in the storm of life. We also received many messages via social media to express support and prayers. When I think back over all the kindnesses my heart truly overflows. We are so blessed to have so many kind and generous individuals to share our lives.

Life can throw a curve ball from time to time and I am so thankful that when it does, I have been blessed with many kind, generous, and thoughtful people who help lessen the burdens and add to the joys. I thank you all, sincerely, from the depths of my being.

“At times, our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.”  –Albert Schweitzer

Regaining equilibrium and giving thanks

Last week was a very difficult week. Between my husband being hospitalized and my bout with flu coupled with the fast approaching Christmas season I was stressed to the max. I am grateful to have 2/3 behind me. My husband is home. I am over the flu. Now, to tackle decorating and shopping. I have always loved Christmas and I am looking forward to family time and friendly gatherings.

I am also looking forward to a reprieve from any crises with my husband’s health. The one thing these crises continue to teach me is to value our time together; to not take anything for granted; that life is very fragile and can end at any time. With his release from hospital many people assume he is better – and he is to a degree, but damages done to his heart and kidneys due to diabetes have taken a toll that cannot be reversed. We will work to keep his kidneys and heart from further deterioration and, hopefully keep dialysis at bay.

Still, I am grateful. I am grateful for the kind and warm support we have received from a wide variety of people – from close family and friends to acquaintances to my blogging community. Words can never express what this support has meant to me.

To all my readers, a sincere thank you for your kind words and expressions of support. They truly mean a lot to me and bolstered my spirit when I was feeling very low and very afraid. May all the blessings you bestow return to you multiplied many, many times and may all your kindnesses return to you a thousand-fold. From my heart to yours I wish you a peace-filled and truly joyous holiday season. May God bless you all


Just a quick few lines as I have to work today. I just wanted to give a shout out to my fellow bloggers for keeping it real, and at the same time adding so much joy to life with your inspirational posts. I so admire your courage, your support, and your honesty. I have been moved more times than I can count by your encouraging words and bravery in sharing real life struggles and challenges. Yes, we may all be a little broken in one way or another, but we are also wounded healers. Thank you for bringing light and learning to a weary world. Wishing you all more blessings than you can count. Cheers!



“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.” – Melody Beattie


It is Thanksgiving Day in Canada. I have much to be thankful for in my life. The fall season, with its emphasis on the harvest, reminds me how often I have harvested fruitful relationships of every stripe – whether friendship, family, marriage, the joys of parenthood, pets – there are so many blessings I can hardly count them all. ‘For rest and home and all things good’ I am thankful.

From Canada with love: Happy Thanksgiving!

“Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received. Thankfulness is the natural impulse to express that feeling. Thanksgiving is the following of that impulse.” – Henry Van Dyke