Bewitched by Callie-cat

Ready to play? Callie is pretty much always ready…

Here it comes: another Callie tale. Yes, another little story about life with Callie-cat. First let me tell you about one of her most favorite games. It involves me chasing her around the house calling out, “I’m gonna get you”. She initiates this game first of all by a wild race through the house bounding over furniture at break-neck speed. It’s also a sort of hide and seek kind of thing because she hides and waits for me to find her. Once I do, I say, “I see you”, and she’s off and running again. I call it the chase me game. Without fail she wants to play this the minute I get home from work and mostly I try to humour her by going along with her mad cap antics. But some days I arrive home totally exhausted and cannot stay on my feet another moment. That’s okay – Callie has her back up plan for attention: she leaps up onto my bed as soon as I enter my bedroom to change into comfy clothes. She meows and bids me come lay down with her. (At least that’s how it seems to me). Once I lay on the bed with her, she immediately rolls over on her back for another favorite activity: belly scratches. It is always a mystery to me how much better this little fur baby can make me feel, especially if my day has not gone all that well. I get how the term “fur baby” was coined. Callie is very much like a human toddler and has me completely enthralled. Perhaps she was a witch’s familiar in a previous life? I say that because it seems I am bewitched. Seriously. But I’m not complaining.

More than just a pretty face a.k.a. life with Callie-cat

I have not been given to any deep or philosophical thoughts of late. I have been resting a lot and recuperating from the business of life and all that it entailed. Resting that is, and playing with my favourite fur baby. Callie keeps life interesting for sure with her constant desire to play games such as “chase me” and hide and seek. She’s really quite good at it, but will pop out when I ask, “where, oh where has my Callie-cat gone?” Her intelligence is a constant source of delight and amazement to me. Here are a few captured images of life with Callie.

Hiding in my writing desk a typical “If I fits, I sits” kind of thing
Captured but she had a message for me, “I said NO, hoooman”
Sometimes she pretends to be all dignified. (She isn’t)
Loves her belly scratches (not dignified at all)
Loves sky gazing and cloud watching, especially as birds fly by
A hiding spot, but her curiosity gets the best of her when I call
Sometimes after a good game of catch me if you can she needs a good long nap
Oh yes, Miss Callie is much more than just a pretty face

Christmas and Callie Cat

Callie, my fur baby

This photo was captured by my talented daughter and remains one of my most favorite photos of Callie, my fur baby. Christmas can be so hectic and often my poor baby is neglected – there just does not seem to be enough hours in the day. Finally, Christmas is here, and I can get back to normal routines – well almost anyway.

Our fur babies bring so much love and joy to our lives, it makes me feel terribly guilty if my little cat does not get the attention she so richly deserves. I do enjoy the holidays, but I have to admit I am looking forward to the slow, steady days of winter once Christmas is past.

Callie has been very patient – she can teach me a lot about what’s really important in life. So now, like my cat, I am going to curl up on my bed and take a much-needed break.

Wishing you all a very happy holiday from Callie and me.

In homage to my fur baby: My cat is a diva


My cat is a diva

Spoiled beyond compare

She deserves every bit of it

And of this she is aware

My cat is a diva

But she’s not difficult to please

A bit of love and attention

Is what she most wants from me

And in payment for my loving care

She soothes my tired soul

And winds herself around me

To take away the blues

My cat is a diva

I wouldn’t have it any other way

For she fills my life with laughter

And joys that know no bounds

My cat is a diva

Independent, most of the time

But loves her tummy rubs and scratches

She thinks them quite sublime

My cat is a diva

Regal is her stance

But I need only shake a plaything

To watch her run and dance

My cat is a diva

Welcome to my world

We are ruled by this small feline

And I am blessed to call her mine

Delightful Summer’s day


Siting on the lawn swing

With my cat beside me

Clouds obscure the sun

in the garden

But my cat and I don’t care

What could be more perfect

Than siting in the swing

My fur-covered love beside me

Simply swinging our cares away

No cloud can darken this moment

A care-free summer’s day

The gentle sway chases away

All worries

And my cat softly purrs

As I stroke her fur

And keep on swinging

On this delightful summer day

The answer is not there

Do not look to the stars

The answer is not there

Nor  in the widest ocean

Or on the mountain tops

But look inside, deep inside

Where you will discover

The secrets hidden in your heart

Behind some thick and heavy door

That you can open if you have the will

And the courage

To face what lays there

Curled and forgotten

Within the confines

Of your self