A prayer for world leaders

Divine One

You see us, you hear us

I come to you now with pain in my heart

So many of our leaders are failing us

Please, Divine One, help them make good decisions

With the health of all people in mind

Divine One, there are so many unknowns

We have never been in a situation like this

Please, grant us your gifts of wisdom and faith

Help our leaders now, and help us too

Grant us courage to speak out when we should

And serenity to accept that which cannot be changed

Divine One, guide us now

Still the fear and panicking

Grant us your calm

Let hope rise, amid all turmoil

Help us remember

You are near

You are always near

Help us turn to you

With open hearts and outstretched hands

Grant us humility

Speak your words of peace into our hearts

And help us reflect your peace into the world

To sing again

Despair has come

Ushering in darkness and pain

And hope has gone the way of the dinosaurs,

Lifeless and seemingly extinct

Now, when all seems lost

And no hero appears

On golden steed

Come, Divine One,

Holy and sacred one,

Breathe new life into your people

Grant us strength to rise again

Help us, now

Help us remember

That all is not lost

No matter how grim the days

Come, Divine One

Holy One

Sacred One

Guide us through this darkness

Help us see

Remove our blindness

And selfish greed

Let joy bubble up through the storm

That swirls like a tornado around us

Still the storm, Divine One

This, my plea

There is goodness still,

Deep, deep inside

Every single human heart and mind

Take away our fear and anxiety,

Our need to control, that which cannot be controlled

And, if it is your will,

Banish now, the microscopic things,

The unknown and hard things,

Until with mighty breath

And a single, united mind,

With strong voice

We sing again

A song of joy and renewal

A Prayer for calm

As the world seems to be coming to a standstill

As borders close

And your people are frozen in fear

Divine One, come

Help us stay calm

Fill us all with your grace

Help us avoid the temptation

To isolate ourselves,

Until and unless isolation becomes necessary

For the good of all

Help us avoid the temptation

To be self seeking

Help us keep our humanity

Fill us with compassion and empathy

Please, Divine One, guide us now

And help us hear Your voice

“You can’t judge a book by its cover”

The photo says little about the man

It is a case where “a picture says a thousand words” is absolutely wrong

He’s smiling, hat tilted in a roughish fashion

Handlebar mustache imitating a walrus, without the tusks

He’s of average build and he looks nice

Photos can be misleading

I never actually knew him

He died long, long ago

But she’s told me stories

Sad, bitter stories of hardship and abuse

Stories of a cold, heartless man

And I felt sad for her, for him

And for whatever made him that way

The way she knew him

Her eyes watered as she looked away

She pursed her lips

And said not one word more

As I remember it now

And the truth of the ancient adage,

“You can’t judge a book by its cover”

The turn

Group of people on peak mountain climbing helping team work , travel trekking success business concept

Lost and forsaken?

So, I think sometimes

Does anybody see me?

I ask myself

But it’s not all about me

It never was, never can be

The connection is there

If I have eyes to see it

Comfort is there

In the dark times

Support through human hands

Mine, if I ask for it

In the end it is only me

That paints life dismal and grim

Change the frame

Capture beauty

Kindness and love

It is there

When I turn again

To see with new eyes,

Clear eyes,

And an open mind

I thank you,

Divine One,

for the turn

An ax to grind

He had an axe to grind

And he sharpened it with gusto

Putting into his labour much hate and unforgiveness

And when the blade was sharp and gleaming

He took it out to do damage to those he seen as “enemy”

Assumptions percolated and bubbled in his hardened heart

And coming out onto the field he spied those he cursed tremendously

And threw the axe with all his strength into the group

Wounding all indiscriminately

And as they lay writhing in the pain he had inflicted

He walked away seemingly unscathed

But the axe he threw with wild abandon

Ricocheted back again

To cut wide swathes into his heart

And he too lay in agony

What matters now that all are wounded,

Bleeding and broken upon the grounds

Was the “sin” committed against him

Worth his hate and ire?

For, you see, we all are finished

When we have an ax to grind

Sweet, sweet child

Tiny fingers intertwine with mine

Wet kisses, sweet hugs

Trusting eyes that look back into mine

Smiles so innocent and bright

Child, sweet, sweet child.

You are my delight, my hope

My reason for living

Joys are renewed

Through your eyes

Filled with wonder

And life is blessed

A prayer to the Holy Messenger

Holy Messenger

You come

Without wings

Without armour

You gaze on those

Who lay dying

In the gutters

Forgotten people

People cast off

And despised

You lift them up In loving arms

and wipe away tears most bitter

Fill empty hearts

With hope once again

Holy Messenger

You speak words of truth

and profound simplicity

I see you waiting to be heard

May you be heard,

may you be heard

My cry to you, Creator-God

When did integrity die?

This my cry to you, Creator-God

How did the big dogs learn to bite so deep?

And nations weep with sorrow

For the corruption all around

Pervading homes, pervading souls

Creator, God, where did it go so wrong?

Big dogs bite and babies cry

The earth itself is all ablaze

Or, in turn, drowns in waters deep

O Creator please, tell me now

Is there a way

To correct the wrongs

That sweeps the world away?

How do we find our way to peace,

And gentle love once more?

The heart cries tears most bitter

And joy will come no more

Please break the hearts so hardened

That they have lost their way

Creator, God, please come change our ways

Change our hearts and minds

Help us now to turn again

And help all human kind

And not only two-legged beings

But life of every sort

Let not all respect be gone

But fill us all one more time

With ways to bless one another

And serve again

All life upon this earth

This my cry to you

Creator, God