Back to work

I am back at work and missing the extravagance of time to read your blog posts and respond in a timely manner to your kind comments on mine. The library is not yet open to the public and I don’t know yet when it will be. (If you didn’t know that’s where I work, at the local library.)  There is just a skeleton crew at work right now and I miss the staff who have yet to return. It’s nice to be able to see regular patrons, if only from the proscribed social distance. We are doing curbside pick up. Patrons order their books, movies, games, etc. online and come to the back door where they have to call in to let us know they are there to pick up their holds. Items are then checked out on their account and put in bags which are then placed on a table outside for them to retrieve. It’s interesting, but also strange being in a library empty of people, except for a few souls. I am grateful though that the director and powers that be are taking a very slow and careful approach to re-opening. There is a lot to consider and several changes are in the works to deal with this new ‘normal’.  Things will never be the same. Still, I am hopeful. I am also a bit nervous. But so far, so good. Life will, no doubt, look very different when all is said and done. Yet, there is much to be grateful for and many blessings to count as we navigate our way through these deep waters. Stay well my friends, and stay safe.

The Pause


Thank you O divine one for the pause

For that quiet moment to stop

Before a bitter word is spoken

Before vindictive thoughts find purchase

Before violence takes place

The pause

That allows for sanity to return

That allows a space for breath

That allows quiet reflection

That allows a change of pace

The pause

That gives rise to laughter

At the absurdity of judgments

That knows not what rests

Within the other’s heart

Within the other’s soul

O great amnesty that frees

And gives credence to

Counting to ten

And back again

I thank you O divine one

For the pause