Angels in human form

When all is dark and we’re feeling lost

It’s then they do come near

They look like us and talk like us

They come in friendship, hope, and love

With gentle, healing words

Words that comfort

Words that bind

The wounds we’re suffering here

Empathy, compassion too

By these a divine essence revealed

We may call them friends

We may call them family

But truth be known

They are for us

Angels in human form


I ask, and I ask again

For nearly two months my husband has been hospitalized. Near the beginning of this month he was sent by air ambulance to a bigger hospital in the city. I have accompanied him on his journey. He is still recovering. I am staying at a place that was once the residence building of the university, of which this hospital is part. I have met so many lovely people here. All of them are here to support loved ones who are suffering serious health issues, some are terminal. Often, in the middle of the night I pray for them, even as I ask God to heal my husband.

Here in this place filled with people who are suffering this I ask: please, heal the sick, but we know healing takes place in many different ways, in many different forms.

So, I ask, bring to us all that we need, whether that is healing of our hearts, minds, bodies, or our souls; whether it is financial help that’s needed or a friendly hand to hold; whether it’s strength to face another day or to advocate on behalf of our loved ones; whether we need rest and relaxation or to laugh and sing; whether it’s moments of solemn prayers or to express sheer joy in the gift of life; whether it is a home-cooked meal or shelter; whether it’s comfortable clothing or a bed to sleep in whether we need physical outlets or relief from worry.

O Divine One, I ask and I ask again. Please come to us now. Help us in our time of need. Please create in us grateful hearts capable of accepting your will for our lives. And, I ask for the wisdom to discern your will.

I ask, and I ask again .

Sitting with the unknown

Sitting with the unknown

Struggling, asking why?

Letting go does not come easy

We want the answers -now!

Impatient and unwilling

To give it time, to wait and see

Frustration fills the soul

And dread sits anxiously

Pray, plea, beg, and then…..

Slowly, slowly let it go

It’s a process softly evolving

Sitting with the unknown

Out of nowhere comes a calm

The result of many prayers on our behalf

Though the answers are not yet ours

All is suddenly quite peaceful

We are cocooned within its sphere

No anxiety threatens, and dread has left us at long last

Still we sit with the unknown

Yet no longer filled with fear

Cradled in Divine love

There’s no need of answers here

Unshakeable trust has lighted

Like a bird upon a branch

And here we find sweet rest

Repose for troubled souls

Though we sit with the unknown

Slow down the quick, quick

These days I have a lot of time on my hands as my husband receives treatment and recovers from some serious issues. I am in the big city far away from home; from family and friends; from work; from the people, pets, and things that make up my daily life. I am grateful to my son and daughter-in-law for sending me a notebook to use while I am here. It allows me to access my emails, social media, and gives me a tool to write with.

 It’s an older model and in combination with public Wifi, it can be a little frustrating doing anything online. Which got me to thinking about the fast pace of life. Being forced to slow down for a spell is a good thing.

I am being taught patience – by a machine no less! For instance, allowing the notebook to do a “performance scan” seems to take forever. I can get pretty impatient with it, and yet I have no choice but to wait until updates are installed and the antivirus cleans things up. Perhaps it is high time I used a personal antivirus program to defog my life – some call it prayer.

It also makes me think of the last time I took serious stock and really reflected on my life. In a sense this time away from home is helping me do a “performance scan” of a different sort. As the saying goes, “the unreflected life is not worth living”. I am not sure who the author was of that bit of wisdom, but I find it so true. It is in the deep reflection of one’s life that personal and emotional growth happens. So, I am doubly grateful for this notebook!

In addition to the path of self-discovery, this extended hospital stay has made me appreciate anew the gift of each minute, hour, and day I have been given and helped me to realize how much time I have allowed to be consumed by technology.

It is as if the universe is sending me a message to slow down the quick, quick.

How much time do you spend online?

In Memory of Someone Brittle and Worn

I see you there so filled with bitterness and hate

Riding upon the swells of anger that seek to hide your pain

Strike first is your motto; tear apart and kill

Oh would that you could accept

The peace that is offered with love

But you cast aside every offer,

With contempt you deny all comers

And sad am I as I walk away

No joy do I take in your sorrow

Disguised, though it is, in rage and acrimony

And as I stand on a world away

I pray and I pray and I pray

God alone knows your burdens

And what thorns press against your side

How I wish you could set aside pride

And open your heart once again

To hear sweet laughter from within you

But you curl your fingers into closed fists

Denying all help and all blessings

It is a sorrowful day

My heart breaks in two within me

But I choose to live in peace

And I turn my face to the sun

And leave you in God’s hands

A Walking Miracle

As many of you know, my husband has been hospitalized since early February. During my time here in the city I have met many people struggling with various health concerns. One story stands as a testament to hope, faith, and the indomitable human spirit and will to live.

I would never have guessed when I met her. Betty is a bubbly, upbeat, and joyous human being. She loves to laugh and enjoys making others laugh with her. Her sense of humour his quirky and contagious.

There were three of us standing around chit-chatting and telling one another our stories of how we came to be at the hospital. Betty was here supporting her husband of forty-four years. It wasn’t until we had each exchanged our tales that the subject of close calls came up and Betty told us her story.

She was driving when she suffered a brain aneurysm. Slumped over the wheel she went off the road, through fences and mowing down trees and brush until the car finally came to a standstill on a little hummock . The car would remain on that spot for two hours before Betty was found, her right foot still pressing on the accelerator . She was rushed to hosputal where she would remain in a coma for nearly two weeks.

“Some people say I was lucky. I don’t think I was lucky. I think I was blessed,” Betty says. “I believe God was watching over me. Even the airbag did not inflate or I would have suffocated. I was really blessed. I am really blessed.”

I see her around often and always stop to chat with her. Some people make the world a better place just by being in it and Betty is one of them. Her smile is infectious and her warm heart and mischievous grin lightens up the somberness that prevails around hospital waiting areas. I am grateful to have met her and to hear her story. I found it uplifting. I hope you will too.

Betty is a walking miracle not just because of what she’s survived but because of all the people she helps survive crushing bad news or crippling worry and anxiety.

Prayer for healing

We come to this place

Raw with pain, riddled with anxiety

We come to this place

Hoping and praying

We come to this place

Lonely and alone

We come to this place

Full of sickness and loathing

We come to this place

Ill and forlorn

We come to this place

In desperation, in fear

We come to this place

So far from our homes

We come to this place

What shall it cost us?

The answer never ours to know.

We come to this place

Searching for wholeness

We come to this place

Knowing we might not leave

We come to this place

Remember our faces, our stories

We come to this place

We come

Let peace fill us now

Compassion, be our touch-stone

We come to this place

Let healing begin