All of this

All of this I commit to you

This fumbling, bumbling human error

Ah, but is it a mistake?

A flaw in the grand design,

Wires crossed and misshapen

Tangled beyond repair?

Yet here I stand before you

Covered in my scars

Blemishes abound

All of this, I commit to you

And you gently take in hand

All of life beneath

the swollen stars

That tumble through the night

And separate the strands

Upon the weary lands

Sick and poor

Wearied to the bone

You lift us to your heart

And gently breathe new life

Into what was thought

forever gone

Mercy rides again

upon its fiercest steed

Filling and completing

Replenishing each need

In fits and starts

to begin anew;

Wounds healed, bodies strengthened

And all of this I commit to you

All of this


Misery likes

Making people uncomfortable

It’s a gift, or maybe it’s a curse

The jury is still out on that one

Honesty is often not welcome

Concealing feelings is preferred by the vast majority

Misery may love company,

but company definitely do not want to hear, see, or feel misery

Misery reminds us of our fragile humanity

Or demands a response we are unwilling to give

To sit, holding the hand of one suffering misery

Is an endeavor many, if not most, choose to forego

And that’s okay

It only takes one

To comfort





And relieve


Let me walk out of the fog

Walking through the fog- Carol Hopkins photo

Today, Divine One

Let me walk out of the fog

Let me rejoice in the beauty of this day

Let me celebrate family, friends, humanity

For we are made in Your image

And there is much, so much, to celebrate

Let my eyes see Your goodness in others

Let my ears be open to fully listen

Let my mouth speak Your truth

Let my heart be open to Love fully, simply, gracefully

Today, Divine One

Let me walk out of the fog

Of disappointment, disenchantment, disbelief


I wish you….

pixabay image

I stand and watch you walk angrily away

And the emotional fog you leave behind

Makes my blood run cold

How can I breach the barrier

Your defensiveness installed?

That hurt you feel, was never my intention

It is not me, but the remnants of another’s cruelest toil

The work of wounds inflicted so  long ago

How I wish you would stand and hear me


I cannot help that pain you feel

Your suffering taunts me

To try to heal a wound that pulses

With sneering harsh indifference,

The echoes of another’s wrong,

Are not mine to hold

Though you would have me believe

T’was me alone that held the knife

And plunged it deep within


And though I’m sorrowed deep inside

Your past is not mine to own

I do not accept the wrongs you laid

Upon my weary soul

Do not hold me to account

For sharp blades that cut you to the bone

I cannot accept this burden

T’is yours alone to carry


And if I must I will live alone

While I fervently wish you healing

That I would deliver, if I could

But you must travel this solitary journey

Deep inside your mind and soul

Uncovering the festering wound

That I, in innocence, triggered

I wish you strength

I wish you courage

I wish you clear seeing


While I would offer support to you

As you walk this painful uphill path

I will not take it upon myself

To be your whipping boy

But wish you well

And hope you can

Undo the spell

Woven by another

Godspeed, my friend



I hope that when next we meet

A wholeness I shall witness

And note how the wound has healed

Knitted all together

For then I shall kiss the scar

And celebrate your courage

For this I pray

And hope and dream

Until then my dear



note: photo downloaded from pixabay














Love keeps us strong



Some things are impossible to understand

That’s why they’re called mysteries

The greatest mystery is love

Love truly does conquer all

Divine love most especially

Expressed through the hands of others,

Actions taken that fill us with peace

And Gratitude and Love

And moves us to ‘pay it forward’

Yet, how can we ever pay

For all the gifts we’re given?

We pay by sharing our gifts, ourselves

To the very best of our ability

It may never be enough

But the ‘widow’s mite’ though seemingly small

Has strength enough to scale the walls

Of hopelessness and despair

Out of grief and out of pain a hero comes

For it is through the darkness

Sometimes crawling on bruised or broken knees

That courageous faith is born

And enables us to travel far

So do not worry or despair

The deepest love may appear a scar

But it lifts us up and chases away

Every anxious moment, every fear

Know this, o trembling souls of earth

Death may come, but so too birth

Cycles of life will carry on

And it is love that keeps us strong








Let your ‘self’ go

Let your ‘self’ go

Let the ego that babbles


Be silenced

Let your ‘self’ go

It’s not all about you anyway

The world is full of hurting people

Go help someone

Get out of your head

Take a step

Open eyes see

What ‘self’ denies

Too caught up in ego-driven goals

Pushing for what?

No one knows

Let your ‘self’ go

And understanding dawn

Let your ‘self’ go

Then you will see

The beauty of humanity

For when we stop to lend a hand

Fear slinks away

The ego, too

And then you’ll find

The inner ‘you’

The Chameleon

The Chameleon, once imbued with power

Sits upon her royal throne

Within her ivory tower

What care she if the shaky ground

She puts you on

Behaves like shifting sands?

You are at the mercy of hands,

Like talons, unmerciful and cruel

Nor does she think of others

In her quest for ultimate power

The hirelings beneath her feet

Are treated to

Pretended sensitivity

While she falsely smiles.

The ideas and plans she sprouts

Stolen from another

Insights, imagination, and new ways

Are concepts she has mined

From those she often plunders.

Sly and cunning, forth she creeps

Like a spider stalks its prey

Knowing that no one will speak

Or call her out, for without a doubt

She knows their needs are deep.

And fear, a vicious sword she sweeps

To cut them to the marrow.

O, chameleon, this I pray

With earnest heart and soul

That you will soon discover

Your ways are not so secret

Your theft of knowledge, known

And you will be meted justice

As sweet as that you’ve given

And all your ‘servants’ will be set free

To enjoy what you have taken

And from that day forth

Never be forsaken







Hole in the Soul

The hole in the soul

That cannot be filled with material goods

The starving spirit

that hungers for food of the spirit

Consumerism will not cut it

Bigger houses, newer cars, trips abroad and such

All will give a momentary flash of happiness

But true joy, pure joy can never be bought

And it is only this that can bring peace

That hole in the soul

That screams out loud

For nourishment

Hear it now

And heed its need

The Drum Beats



The drum beats

Slowly, slowly

Building crescendo

As the rhythm grows

Like a distant thunder roll

Creeping closer

It grows in intensity

Climaxing in an ear-piercing clash

I grasp my ears, desperate to shut out the sound

My body folds itself in two

Like a penknife closing

Every cell penetrated by the beat

Tense, anxious, stress-filled

And it hangs there, the tension

Like a hummingbird paused in flight

And like the sea crawls back from the land

It eases, sickeningly slowly

As though it never wants to leave me

Pensively I stand upright

My heart beats a staccato rhythm

Each solitary thump in tango with the drums

Reaching its nadir at rock bottom

As the drum taps eases

To its end