This I ask of You, Divine One

Please, Divine One, sit with me as I wait

Grant me patience, grant me peace

Help me imagine the best possible outcome

Fill my being with hope; with trust

Please, take away all fear, anxiety, and stress

Bless my mind and let only good thoughts enter in

Bless my heart with kindness and love

That I may share these gifts with others

Grant me strength of mind, body, and spirit

To support myself and my dear ones

In every way

Guide my footsteps and be with me on my path

Bless these hands as they work for You and for all

This I ask of you, Divine One

I thank you for your constant care

I thank you for all those I hold dear

I thank you for this life I live

I thank, Divine One, for everything

Serenity Sunday: Clearwater River

The Clearwater River is one of five that run through Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. The city has many scenic spots and several nature trails. These were taken on Macdonald Island, near where I work.

Taken at dusk, the skies are always so beautiful
Macdonald Island in Fort McMurray
I can picture fur traders that used the rivers to distribute (and collect) their furs
Near the highway that runs through the city
Meandering waters
This sculpture of an eagle in flight is near the Aboriginal Nature Trail that is a pleasure to walk on Macdonald Island near the city’s downtown core

For my brother

As children you were an awful tease,
a tormentor and a fiend
But somehow as we grew, I came to realize
The protector and the friend you were
And remain so to this day
I know I can always count on you
No matter what life sends
Your humor can be depended on
To chase away the blues
Integrity? Oh yes, indeed
You have that and more in spades
Honest, kind, and thoughtful, too
Though you try to keep that hidden
Commitment to our whole vast brood
Is melded to your being
And proud am I to be a leaf
On our family tree
And grateful too
That God gifted me with you
So, thank you dear, dear brother of mine
I know you always have my back
And I, in turn, will have yours too
I’m so glad we are related
And on this day that you were born
I raise my glass to you
In love and gratitude
For all you do
For all you are
And all you will be, too
I wish you every joy and bliss
May your cup always run over
With all that makes your heart so glad
And makes your life worth living
For you mean so much to me
And always, always will.

Cat love

This is my fur baby. Her name is Callie and she absolutely loves to be scratched. She is not one to sit on your lap but she is very affectionate. I love my Callie-cat.

Pressed up against my leg enjoying her favorite activity
Yup, loves to be scratched
Such a hard life – I wish I were a cat (well, at least a cat who gets spoiled as this one does)

Covid brain

Yesterday I posted photographs I’d taken of a “chipmunk”. Obviously it’s a small gray squirrel and not a chipmunk at all. Also yesterday I was looking at a photo of my brother and his family. It was group photo but his wife was missing, or so I thought. She was right there, why didn’t I see her? Some days it makes me feel like I am totally losing brain cells at an accelerated rate. This whole pandemic is getting the best of me, I think. I cannot seem to get enough rest and every morning I am awake almost as soon as the sun rises. I am irritable too much of the day and feeling off balance. Well, I was. I feel a bit better today (so far, anyway). I am also back to work after being off since mid-March. I am grateful that the library is not yet open to the public. I am not ready to deal with the public just yet and my heart goes out to everyone who has been dealing with this fear and anxiety while I have been safely ensconced at home. I’ve been on the anxiety roller coaster, as we all have been. Numbers are creeping back up again in the city and have revived the fear factor within me. What to do? Walking sure helps relieve stress, but to get outside I have to get on the elevator to go downstairs. That’s also anxiety-producing . I mean how can you safely keep a distance in an elevator? I will deal. What choice do any of us have? We can’t go around it, over it, or under it, we simply have to go through it. Please stay healthy and well and please, stay safe.

Chipmunk visitor

“What’s that over there?”
“This smells good”

I enjoyed watching this little guys the other day. He was quite busy gathering something off the ground in the parking lot. I have no idea what it is – perhaps nesting materials? It didn’t look to be anything edible. Wildlife in the city, gotta love it!

To Love and Grow

Help me grow in love,

O Divine One, please

Let my soul open to you

Like leaves on the old oak tree

Though wrapped so tight inside their buds

With warmth and love from the sun

The leaves unfurl slowly,

Reaching out to that celestial star

That gives them life and growth

And so, Divine One,

I implore You now, help me open up

Let not my being stay locked inside,

To never love or grow

Help me now to unfurl myself

With Your most gracious aid

So that I may stand with outstretched arms

And palms that are open wide

To receive your blessings for this day

And grow forever more

Beautiful Burgeo, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada

Re-blogging this post for Serenity Sunday. Burgeo really is beautiful. Check out my photographs of this lovely little community.


The community of Burgeo is located on Grandy Island on the Southwest coast of the island of Newfoundland and is a gorgeous spot to visit. It is a small town with a population of just 2000 people with a provincial park nearby where you can camp, swim,  fish or walk the trails and gorgeous coastline. If you care to visit Francois, a small island where there are no cars, you can take a ferry from Burgeo to visit this small community. I did not get to visit Francois, but hope to one day. These photographs were taken in 2013 during our visit to Burgeo.

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We Are All A Little Broken

We really are wounded healers. Danielle writes so beautifully about brokenness. This is well worth the few minutes it takes to read it.

Pointless Overthinking

“You are damaged and broken and unhinged. But so are shooting stars and comets.”

Nikita Gill

If you have read some of my previous posts you are aware that I did not have an easy childhood…but then who among us has? You work with what you have, not what you wish for.

I knew I was broken from a relatively young age. Throughout my journey I would often think that it was impossible for me to understand what “normal” is in relation to my interaction with the world. I would never really fit in. I was anchor-less and alone in this feeling of separation. When I thought too long or hard about it I could get into a fairly dark place. And yet I persevered by always putting one foot in front of the other – no matter how small a step I was able to take. In the…

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