New life, new reasons to celebrate

“The littlest feet make the biggest footprints on our hearts.” – Author unknown

I woke up this morning to the happy news that my niece had her baby girl. Life is so wondrous and so precious. This is my brother’s first grandchild and her birth has been much anticipated. She has given us something wonderful to focus on and a much-needed break from the jumble of emotions this past 18 months have been. If you follow this blog you know my brother was killed by an impaired driver a year and a half ago. This precious child is bringing healing and a new focus on the joys of life. While I am saddened that Chris is not here to hold this precious baby, I am rejoicing that she has arrived safe and sound and both mother and child are recuperating from the rigors of childbirth. Yes, life is fragile, but life is also very, very good.

God’s sense of humour

IMG_6283with god resized

When we had to move from the home I loved I was extremely disappointed. It was not so much the house itself, but the location. There were several mature trees on the lot and it was right across the road from a nature trail. And so, I prayed about it. ‘Please, God, help us find a home that suits our needs. Send me a sign when we find the right place.’  The new place is lovely – much roomier than our previous abode. I have to say the location is not nearly as ideal, but I had neglected to add ‘must have mature trees and lots of birds’. At any rate when we came to look at this house we moved into I had to laugh for on the wall were several biblical quotes, including “With God all things are possible”. Needless to say, we took the place.

But I have been missing the birdsong and the variety of winged visitors I had enjoyed at the previous address. Then a couple of weeks ago a pair of American robins built their nest in a flower box situated on the railing of my next-door neighbor’s front steps. It is literally a few feet away from us and I can watch her from the window very easily. It is as though the creator read my mind and granted me the beauty of watching this mama robin. A few days ago, the eggs hatched and now we are treated to scenes of both parents delivering food to their chicklets.

God goes by many names and concepts – whatever you may believe, I hope you see evidence of the creator at work and enjoy the wonderful sense of humor. I am grateful and feeling very blessed.

The Artist


The paint brush is held tightly in her hand

She strikes out wildly and iridescent hues splatter the canvas

Perched tenuously on the rock before her

She stands back, inspecting her creation

Swipes a strand of hair from her face

And gazes, sighs, the image does not reflect

The one once held in her mind’s eye

Frustration swells and she reaches forth her hand

Grasps an unused brush

Dips it angrily into the pot of black upon the stool

And lets it drip upon the newborn work

Then grasps and tears a long blade of grass from the earth

Using it to spear her work and spread the dark hues in wispy lines

And laughs a deep-throated laugh at the results

The image is not what she had conceived

And yet it holds a beauty just the same

Beauty born out of darkness and frustration

Birthed in raging anger

The light dancing across the colors both rich and subtle

Creating a mosaic and thrusting forth feelings

Capturing perfectly her ever-changing mood

Smiling at her folly she eases herself into the little chair

And awaits her work to dry in the soft breeze and warm sun