My cat is mad at me


My daughter took this photograph of my kitty. She’s not happy with me at the moment. I have been working all day on a short story I am writing, but in my own defense, when I try to give her attention she’s not in the mood. So I kept writing. She slept. so I kept writing. This photo about sums up her attitude toward me presently. I guess I will have to go try to coax her out of her bad mood. She really is a diva. Aw life, controlled by a fur baby. Wish me luck….

Capturing the mundane and the magical

Recently we had to travel to Edmonton for health reasons. It is approximately a five-hour drive from where we live to the city. The highway is woven through the countryside and I always find it so restful and peaceful. This trip was no different. As usual I grabbed my camera, just in case. I enjoy taking photographs and I treasure the memories they invoke. We were treated to a trio of hawks circling overhead when we had stopped once more for me to take pictures. (My husband is endlessly patient with my passion for this.) As you may have guessed, I am a nature nut. I just love it. There was something spiritual about watching this trio of hawks circling overhead and listening to their cries. Unfortunately, my zoom lens wasn’t strong enough to capture the images I was seeing. This trip I focused on the farm animals we passed and we had stopped for me to photograph cows in a field.  I hope you will enjoy these images of the mundane and the magical.


Cows are very curious animals – these ones seemed to want to know what we were up to….

Curious cows

and these two seemed to be having a conversation  ….

Having a conversation

Black-faced sheep, a flock of Canada geese, among  other things….

and not so great shots of the hawks overhead….


And last, but not least, my favorite capture of a little kid….

Kid chows down

Savoring life – that’s what it’s all about, right? Until next time, cheers!

Pretty Blue Eyes

Is there anything as beautiful as the love of a pet? When I was younger I could not understand why people would go on and on about their dogs and/or cats. I used to think it was quite silly. Now I am one of those people! I hope I don’t bore others to death with my stories about Callie’s antics. But she really does bring light and laughter to my days. She loves to play and I end up laughing so hard at some of the crazy things she does. If I am not out of bed at my usual hour she will come and jump on the bed, put her nose on mine and meow quietly. She’s not rude at least. And it makes me smile to wake up to her pretty blue eyes staring into mine. And how can I get annoyed when she is so happy to see me?

I am grateful for the love of all the pets I have been blessed to share my life with, but Callie truly is special.

Talking with birds

Recently I shared the story of a robin who built her nest in the flower box that hangs off the railing of the house next door. It has been awesome to watch the parents bringing grubs, worms, etc. to feed their young.  This morning I heard an awful commotion with the pair of robins chirping very excitedly and went outside to look. A cat was stalking the nest. The one robin was perched on the roof of the porch next door and when I looked up and saw it I asked, “what’s going on? Why are you so upset?” The bird literally leaned forward and looked directly at me as it chittered non-stop. Its partner was perched on the eaves trough and was also making a ruckus while looking down at the ground. Finally, a cat came out from under a bush and when I saw it I clapped my hands and shouted at it to go home. After a minute of clapping and shouting the poor animal finally ran off down the street with both parent robins in hot pursuit.

Well, that was an interesting start to the day. I do talk to birds and to animals. I’m not sure if that makes me ‘crazy’, but it is a life-long habit. And that robin really seemed to be trying to enlist my help with the feline intruder. It amazes me how emotionally invested I am in these birds and their young. It has been such a pleasure to watch them raise their chicks. It will be a while before the babies are big enough to fend for themselves. I just hope they make it.


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Love covered in fur


Love covered in fur

That bounds upon my lap

And settles there

Bright eyes that gaze into mine

And remind me that

Though no words are spoken

I am loved and needed

What a blessing

And what a gift

To share my life

With creatures that know no hate

Or bitterness or cruelty

These four-legged wonders

Who make my life better

In every way

Every day

I thank you, God

For all the animals

I have known

And for those

In the here and now

For furry kisses

Upon my brow

And for all the love

that is bestowed

Cats and more cats

“I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior.” – Hippolyte Taine –


I have always been a great lover of cats; Cats of all colours and breeds. I find them incredibly interesting as well as entertaining. I agree wholeheartedly with the above quote because I have known many cats, my own and those  of family members. Here are a few of my favourite photos that I have taken over the years celebrating our feline friends.