Pain comes, as it will

Shocking us with its cruel fangs

Sank into vulnerable flesh

It comes again and again

When least expected

For if we could foresee its coming

Would we not be better armored?

Prepared for the assault?

Yet, even when we see it coming

Or sense its stealth, somehow

The pain is still just as real

Just as excruciating

And even though we prepare for it

Still, we fall to our knees

Wounded and betrayed

By our own naivete

How could we be so stupid?

Pain comes, crushing us as it will

It comes

12 thoughts on “Pain

  1. True, Carole. Pain comes to us all. Christians are not exempt, though some expect to be, if they just have “enough faith!” (I have had that rude awakening.🤦) But Jesus never promised we wouldn’t suffer, just that He would be with us and in the end overcome the world. Meanwhile we can know we aren’t suffering alone, and that makes all the difference. Have a blessed day with Him. ❤️

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