I had hoped by now that the convoy that began with truckers protesting vaccine mandates before they can cross the border and then morphed into a general protest against all public health regulations would have blown over. It hasn’t. After more than two years of anxiety and fears that out health care systems may be overtaxed, we now have this to deal with. I guess it is obvious by now that I am not a supporter of these convoys and protests. It seems to me that too many individuals simply want to pick a fight with someone, especially Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who has the power to scrap the vaccine mandate. In the meanwhile, it is causing elevated tensions between the pro-vaccine and anti-vax crowds. That concerns me.

We have a firm policy at the library where I work that people must wear a mask, that includes children over three years old, and follow social distancing guidelines. I’ve noticed that since the protests began a week ago that people are becoming bolder, entering the library without masks and getting belligerent with staff when told they are told they must wear one in the library.

 I know we are ALL tired of covid and all the inconveniences that came with it. For those of us who work with the public it is positively draining to have to deal with people who often are less than respectful. Personally, I do not want to argue or discuss the pros and cons, I am simply following policies laid out by my employer. Don’t shoot the messenger

I would just like to say to these people, I know you’re frustrated. I know you feel helpless. I know you want to take back control of your lives. I get it. I just happen to think we need to approach any conflict with respect, not confrontation. When all is said and done and covid regulations have been relaxed, we will still have to live with one another. Let’s all keep a cool head, this, too, shall pass.

30 thoughts on “Picking fights

      1. There were many people wanting to launch a counter protest but police officials and several politicos advised against it. I think that’s wise. really – there is too much potential for violent confrontation and nobody wants that. So there they sit – silent squeaks!

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  1. I would not rush to judge these people as just wanting to “pick a fight,” Carol. For them this is about keeping their jobs, being able to feed their families – and the rest of the country, for that matter! They aren’t “anti-vax,” they are anti-tyranny – and bankruptcy and starvation. There are many truckers (and others) involved who have been vaccinated, so they aren’t against the vax, they just don’t believe in forcing everyone else to take it regardless of the risks.
    From what I’m seeing on much video footage, the truckers are being respectful, parking on the side of the road, not blocking traffic. They have been joined by thousands of people coming out in frigid temperatures to line the highways and bridges and show their support. The crowds sound very upbeat and positive. (The only violence I’ve heard about was not perpetrated by a trucker. In fact, a trucker reported it to the police.)
    I know, two vastly different pictures of this event are being shown to the public. You have seen one, I figured I’d present the other side. And no, I’m not trying to pick a fight, I’m asking you not to assume the worst of the truckers. You might wish they would try to change things more peacefully – like talking. But so much talk opposing forced vaxing has been censored. (I hope you aren’t censoring different perspectives on your blog.) Even now, Trudeau isn’t talking to them. Hopefully he will when he comes out of quarantine. Meanwhile, we can’t expect people to just go home and starve.
    May I suggest we pray for them and their families?

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    1. My husband was a trucker before he got so ill. I do believe what may have started out as a legitimate beef has morphed into some very distressing and unnecessary disrespectful actions. I pity the people who have to live and work in Ottawa and all they have endured. This is not about the truckers, it is about the blatant disrespect that has been shown – dancing on the monument of the unknown soldier. is just one example. I have heard truckers who have elected to keep on hauling and their perspective is very different than what you describe here.

      Having said all that, I do appreciate your viewpoint. I am struggling with this and praying for all of us. We’re all so very weary. The last thing we need is to be fighting about this nonsense while nurses and doctors are committed to saving lives and healing. We are in desperate need of hope, healing, and yes, prayer.

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

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      1. I’m not sure that was a question, but one of the answers is that unlike other v@xines, this one was rushed through and didn’t go through animal trials. It was (in the U.S., anyway) only given an emergency use authorization when the mandates were starting. I don’t think a lot of the people getting it were aware that they WERE the trial. But they are in God’s hands, and I am just praying and giving my loved ones over to Him.
        A young man in our church who got Guillain-Barre Syndrome (a “side effect” of the Johnson and Johnson shot) just after Christmas and nearly died received much prayer form the church and is recovering relatively fast. (He had been expected to require 5-6 months of therapy to relearn to walk and talk.) Still, I don’t think he knew he was taking that risk. But I guess we all take risks every day. I don’t know what people do who don’t believe in the Lord.
        Bless you and your family, and may God’s keep you in His peace.


      2. It is my understanding that when SARS struck back in 2003 the country (Canada) and other countries around the world began the process of studying the virus and working toward a vaccine. As you are likely aware Toronto was one of the cities adversely affected by SARS, which corona virus is related – same group of viruses. So to my mind it was not a case of the vaccine being rushed.

        I am so sorry to hear of the young man who had a reaction to the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. I hope he fully recovers.

        Thank you for your kind words and I, in turn, wish you and yours peace and an abundance of blessings.


    1. I think what bothers me too is the obscene amount of money raised in support of this. Meanwhile we have so many worthwhile charities that could use that kind of support, war veterans and indigenous peoples without clean, potable water, to name just a couple.

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      1. Exactly. And most of that money is coming from support in the U.S. surely they could find causes within their own borders to donate to, or donate for vaccinations for people in poorer countries.

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  2. Wise words. It feels like we’re more divided as a country than ever. Confrontation is never the best solution. It’s too bad we aren’t able to put our differences aside and think about the bigger picture when it comes to this pandemic.

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    1. The pandemic has brought out the best in some people and the worst in others. The only good I see is that peoples true colors are waving wildly in the wind instead of locked in dark musty basements. We now don’t have to second guess people’s intelligence . . . or stupidity.

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      1. I have to agree. It is always better to know where we stand and where others do as well. I am trying desperately to understand opposing viewpoints but must confess, I am not having a lot of success. 😦


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