A fleeting rainbow and the pink hues in the clouds on an autumn day

It’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada and for us this year will be even quieter. Last year we were prevented from any family dinner due to regulations over covid and I made up plates for my children to pick up and enjoy at home. This year our son and his wife are in the city where my daughter-in-law is receiving radiation treatments and eldest daughter is across the country while the youngest is away working out of town. Yes, it is a very quiet weekend. I cannot help but remember thanksgivings of old where we often had full tables overflowing with food and the turkey was large.

Yet, there is much to be thankful for. Although the delta variant has our health care system gasping for relief we are fortunate to still be here, millions have not been so fortunate. We’ve had challenges, yes, but we’ve also had the support and loving care of many family members and friends. Today as I look out over the green space the trees are golden with a scattered bit of red or orange and the evergreens reach high into the skies.

This year there will only be two physically present at our table but the spirit of loved ones who have crossed to the other side will be with us and all of our relatives on this side of the veil will also be here in our thoughts as we give thanks for this place, for each other, for the cats that purr and wrap themselves around our legs, for all that is life-giving and good. Yes, we have much to be thankful for.

From our house to yours: Happy Thanksgiving! May we all recognize the blessings each day brings all year long and give thanks.

22 thoughts on “Celebrating a Canadian Thanksgiving

    1. We really do. I have coworkers from several different nations and the stories they tell of the poverty and hardships in their homelands are heartbreaking. Makes one realize just how blessed we are here in Canada.

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