As I type this the case count continues to climb in the city where I live. That’s worrisome. No I am not going to focus on that. If you’ve been wondering where I’ve have been and are interested read on. However my life is pretty tame and not all that scintillating. Okay if you’re still here you’ve been warned. I am sitting in a hotel room in Edmonton trying to write a read worthy post while Callie cat walks back and forth on the desk in front of me. Challenge number one, on a positive note there is only one cat here. At home there’s now three, my own and my daughter’s two little felines. Hence the reason I have not been posting often. My attention has been fully engaged in playing bodyguard for Callie. Yeah, it’s been a full time job. But things are calming down and the felines are becoming more tolerant of one another.

So what does cancer have to do with it all, you may ask. Readers will remember I had posted about my daughter-in-law’s recent diagnosis with brain cancer. Thankfully the original diagnosis was incorrect. She does have brain cancer but it is not the aggressive type they first thought it was. Also on a positive note, the side effects of the radiation and chemotherapy have been minimal we are all grateful for that.

Last of all I have finished the many revisions to my novel and it is now going to print. So, there you have it, a short synopsis of life over the past month or so. Callie continues to demand my attention. She’s had to share it too often and is enjoying her one on one time. I will indulge her with my apologies for wasting your time. But remember you were forewarned. Until next time…..Cheers!

36 thoughts on “Cats and cancer, Covid, and challenges

  1. That’s good news about your daughter in law. I’m glad that the diagnosis was changed and she is having therapy for it. I miss your posts but I can understand that you have more pressing issues to deal with. Hugs. Take care b

    1. Thanks so much, Sadje. I was writing on my tablet, which is a challenge as the print as I type is so difficult to read. I much prefer my desktop. I am home again after another few days in Edmonton and hopefully the felines will cooperate so I can get back to it. 🙂

  2. Some good news and some bad news, but mostly good news. That’s wonderful to hear that the brain cancer that your daughter-in-law has isn’t the aggressive type and that she’s doing well with the radiation and chemotherapy. Congrats on your novel going to print!!

    1. Thanks so much, I’ve been missing my blogging friends. Hopefully the cats will relax and make friends soon. I’ve been told it takes about 2 months and it’s been just about that now!

  3. Nice to hear from you Carol. You are a stronghold of love that is mystical in healing and in transformation. I am sending prayers 🙏🙏🙏🙏 for family’s continued love and unity. 💞💐

    1. This is so very kind of you. Thank you so much! I hope you are well and enjoying a little R & R this weekend. Here in Canada it is Thanksgiving Day weekend. It will be quiet again this year but there is much to give thanks for. Take care my friend.

  4. So good to hear that things are not as dire for your daughter in law as first thought, especially with Covid running rampant in these parts. I hope the hospital situation starts getting better for both Alberta and Saskatchewan sooner than later. There are some people here getting pretty desperate for surgeries to resume, whenever that may be.

    1. Yes, the health care systems in both our provinces are being tested to the max. I blame our UCP government for the situation here. Hubby needs a pace maker badly but we are still waiting. I hope things calm down sooner rather than later. So many people are waiting for health care that is being tied up by covid-related illnesses.

      1. At least you premier has taken some responsibility and requested the necessary help from the feds. Our Premier is too busy coming up with excuses and whining about Trudeau to get anything done here.

      2. It’s unfortunate that such men are not actually doing much but whining and pointing fingers. I am looking forward to the next provincial election. Kenny has to go.

      3. We will never be rid of Moe, unless his party finally gets rid of him. It is so stupid. We are a province that has been united by anger, frustration, and misery – by none other than our Premier. And then we blame Trudeau because we are not attracting people and businesses to the province. lol – I think the problem is us.

      4. Kenny’s own caucus has asked for a leadership review. He has been a poor captain through these troubled waters. I think too many people are ill-informed and believe the nonsense promises made by politicians. It’s a mess world-wide. I fear for our young people and generations yet to come.

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