Six thousand beats and counting

Hearts forever stilled

Yet spirits shine a light to guide;

To inspire acts of love

Beat the drum and sing the honor songs

Of my people, of all peoples

Let the beat resound

Creator God, open ears

To hear six thousand beats and more

This Reconciliation Day

And let truth, though painful

Penetrate all hearts

And open wide the doors, once closed

Welcome all inside

Let all listen to six thousand beats and more,

though these hearts are forever stilled

Their Spirits guide us on

So, bless us now, Creator God

And heal the wounds of old

And wounds too freshly new

Creator God breathe into each

Gathered here today

A peace so longed for and so needed

In all our hearts today

Creator God bring healing now

For six thousand beats and more

10 thoughts on “Six Thousand Beats and more

    1. Thanks, Gary. I wrote this prayer/poem to honor the children who died and the survivors of the residential school system here in this country. The federal government declared Sept. 30 a statutory holiday naming the day “National Truth and Reconciliation Day”. Yesterday was the first day after years of First Nations Peoples crying out to have the atrocities of the past recognized. To date there have been 6, 509 graves attributed to children and youth who died during the many years these schools were operated.

      Thank you.

    1. Yesterday was the first National Day of Truth and Reconciliation here in Canada. A day the federal government has declared a statutory holiday to give people time to reflect upon the residential schools and all the children who died in these institutions. I wrote this poem/prayer to honor the deaths and the survivors.

      Thank you, Sadje.

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