Another trip to Edmonton this week, arrived home again this afternoon. It is a trip we will have to make monthly as hubby’s eyes need extra care due to diabetes. I am grateful that our health insurance covers it. The pandemic will, no doubt, cause deep cuts to Canada’s health care system across the country. I dread what’s to come, already we’ve been notified of changes to what medications will be covered. Still, we are fortunate to live here in this beautiful and rather wealthy country. I try to keep in mind just how blessed we really are. especially as the people of Afghanistan face so many horrors!

I have shared many photographs of the view from our balcony and the stunning display overhead as the skies are constantly changing and delighting the eye. This time I thought I’d share a couple of photos of the Edmonton skyline – well, okay, a small piece of the skyline. There is beauty everywhere, whether in the country or in bigger cities….

Taken from our hotel room in the North end of the city of Edmonton
the same view taken at night – almost looks like Christmas with all the lights

Whether you’re enjoying beautiful rural areas or are ensconced in an urban area, I hope you’re touched by beauty, always. Until next time, cheers!

21 thoughts on “Back and forth, back and forth

      1. It really depends on what you like to do, hiking? Summer is best. Or if you enjoy winter sports Banff and Jasper and I might add Marble Mountain in my native province of Newfoundland & Labrador 🙂

        Honestly the whole country is beautiful, no matter what time of year you may choose to visit. 🙂

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