We’ve had quite the week with moving daughter back home with her two fur babies. Mine is not very impressed. After eight years of having no competition and all of the attention suddenly she’s faced with two feline rivals. Both are male, Merlin has a similar disposition to Callie-cat: very laid back and chill; Whiskey, not so much. It’s been a bit stressful for all of us as he continues to hiss at her. I think he’s finally beginning to settle down. He likes to play fight as well, which Callie definitely does not – she’s a lover, not a fighter. LOL

We did everything we could to make the adjustment easier for all three. Introducing first Merlin and then Whiskey in separate visits before they actually moved in. Merlin is coming along fine; Whiskey is still a work in progress. When things gets a bit too tense they’re separated and put in different rooms. Please wish us luck as we continue to help our fur babies to adjust.

Callie-cat wondering why Merlin is hiding LOL
Introducing “Whiskey” he had to be contained in the beginning as he kept lunging at Callie and hissing…Callie is checking him out from a distance

19 thoughts on “Cat love and cat fights, oh my!

  1. Hi Carol! I love the kitties! Nice to hear about your daughter moving in. Sending you and your family blessings and hugs filled with love!💞💞🍮🍂🍮🎼🍂🍮💞💞

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