There has been a lot of changes of late. Eldest daughter is looking for a place to live even as our youngest moves back home to live with us and our son and daughter-in-law struggle with recent news regarding her brain tumor and her cancer diagnosis. In addition I am back at work after being off pretty much this past year. Adjustments to life’s ups and downs are constant, but seems even more challenging of late. A few more turns around the highway of life.

From somewhere most sacred and mysterious comes strength to face the challenges and comfort in the dark hours. I call it Divine. I call it sanctified moments. I call it blessing. For no matter what life throws at us we persevere with the loving presence I call Creator, Divine One and I am grateful.

Recently friends have described me as a “strong woman”. Well, friends, strength comes from growing through the challenges. And now, even as I feel I am being “tried by fire” that mystery comes to whisper, “You’re not alone. You are never, ever alone. Not in the past, not in the future and not now in this present moment.” And I am grateful for this gift called faith, for it is a gift and not of my own making. I share my experience in the hope that someone reading will be comforted. No, we are never alone, no matter what is happening around us.

New day dawning

32 thoughts on “Cha-cha-changes

  1. Your words, the power, faith and optimism in them really touched my heart….you’re so right, no matter what, we are never alone. There is always someone somewhere going through the same challenges. 💗🤗

    1. “Look for the helpers and they will appear” or so I read somewhere and it does seem to be true. We always seem to receive what is needed, but sometimes we have to take the first step and ask for help.

      Thanks you for visiting and for your kind words. ❤

    1. Could not survive without it! I always wonder what people do who do not seem to be spiritual or practice faith of any kind, but that too is a mystery. God, by whatever name we call our higher power, does seem to always be watching over us all.

      1. I wonder about that too – how people manage without practising faith. I imagine that without faith, life would be really challenging. Thanks. 🌼🤗

  2. Faith is our inner strength. You’re being tested with tough challenges and it’s your faith that is giving you the strength to bear it with fortitude. Lots of hugs Carol and prayers! Keep safe my dear friend

  3. I am so that there is so much upheaval in your life right now but I love your attitude. When I go through such times, I get too swept up in survival to think it through. When the dark times pass, then I look back and realize that I am so grateful for the blessings that got me through it.

  4. I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter-in-law, Carol. Yes, you are indeed walking through fire. May God continue to grant you the gift of faith. I will hold you and your family up in prayer.

  5. You’ve been on my mind in prayer. Our lives are so uncertain but all are journeys for the refinement of our souls. We have an amazing God. Sending warm supportive hugs to you and your family. May he bless and lift you dear Carol. 🙏❤️

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