I well remember the agonizing wait while my hubby underwent surgery. The doctors had warned he might not make it, and if he did he stood a good chance of experiencing a fatal heart attack within six months of the surgery. He came through the surgery and the following six months without any heart attacks. We are both grateful for that. That was two years ago.

Today my son is going through that same agony. My daughter-in-law had to be air lifted to the city for emergency surgery. She has a brain tumor. As I type the minutes are slowly counting down. I am waiting for a call from our son to tell me she’s been taken to the operating room. My heart is with them both as they travel down this very difficult path.

As always, when I am stressed I turn to writing (and praying silent prayers). If you care to, would you please add your prayers to mine for a successful operation and a speedy and full recovery. Thank you!

47 thoughts on “Waiting yet again

      1. My grandmother used to say that. I haven’t heard it in over two decades! Thank you for that! Wow… I that was a good memory. And you know what? My grandmother used to say that He listens better when you make someone else smile. So you made me smile and remember my grandmother – so between all of us, she’ll be OK.

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