Can you toot your own horn? I am so not good at that. I’ve gotten much better over the years but I always found it a painful and uncomfortable thing that I abhorred with every fiber of my being. Interviews for jobs gave me the willies because I was so bad at tooting my own horn. I was raised with the attitude that tooting one’s own horn was barbaric and braggarts were regarded with something akin to the plague – to be avoided at all costs! Humility was placed high on the values measure. I am however, very good at bragging up family and friends and their accomplishments!

Yet, we all have talents or gifts to share. They weren’t meant to be hidden under a bushel basket. So, I am in the process of publishing a novel I wrote. I have to write a blurb about myself. It’s still tortuous! But, needs must! In this world of “Influencers” and the seemingly insatiable appetite for “likes” and followers I feel woefully unprepared. How about you? Are you good at toting your own horn?

23 thoughts on “To toot my own horn…nope!

  1. I think this is more common in women than men, although I stand to be corrected. It’s the way we were raised. Go for it, Carol. Shout out your accomplishments. I am woman, hear me roar!! 😀😊

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      1. Carol, I’m happy to report that I have successfully purchased your eBook today. For others like me who don’t have a Kindle, your book is now held in my Amazon eBook Library, using their Kindle Cloud Reader.

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  2. This is wonderful Carol that the book is complete. You’re a talented lady and there is no shame in letting the world know. I’m getting there too. If I get a compliment, I accept it with good grace and gratitude.

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  3. I’ve gotten better. I think of it now as false humility when I don’t acknowledge my gifts. Yet, many times I don’t! You could pretend to be writing about someone else—step outside yourself. YES! who am I kidding?! It’s hard, but necessary. Good Luck.

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