You know it’s definitely spring when the pink blossoms flourish on the apple trees. It is a beautiful day here today. I wanted to share a small piece of it with you who have been so kind to visit my blog. I do love spring. The weather warms up, but not so hot as to make it uncomfortable. No need for air conditioners as yet. At least not here in Northern Alberta. It’s been an up and down week as far as temperatures go. Some parts of Canada have seen a late snow. In our neck of the woods we did see a few days of lower temps and rain, but no snow, thankfully. We needed the rain though. As I type this I can hear the red-winged blackbirds singing away around the pond in the green space behind the building. It’s lovely!

But I digress – apple blossoms, yes! In some areas of the city the streets are lined with crab apple trees which are beautiful in spring and feed the birds through the fall and winter. We were out and about and I captured a few photos – some in my son & daughter-in-law’s yard. I felt a little bit silly as I crept ninja-like down their driveway trying to steal up on birds visiting the feeders. Alas, there is a school yard right next to their house where children happened to be playing. Their noisy ruckus frightened the birds away so no matter how stealthy I tried to be the birds would fly off at the smallest sound. Lucky for me there was beauty to be found overhead in the apple trees….

one of many crab apple trees that line a street downtown
overhead at my son & daughter-in-laws home
the fushia blossoms were gorgeous against the blue skies
different shades of pink
driving to the small community of Draper, part of the city but still very rural so nice to have this area that is yet to be overrun with buildings and people
the Clearwater River, one of five that converge in the city

15 thoughts on “Apple Blossoms Beauty

  1. Apples and apple blossoms hold deep meaning for me. I have asked God for direction on a decision I need to make. Counting the photos you’ve so generously shared here, apples & apple blossoms have come up twice in recent days and I wonder if it is some sort of sign.

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