This will be short and sweet. I have been following a fellow blogger for several years now and he has made me laugh so often with his commentaries. His blog can be serious as he raises his son alone since his partner died in 2016. Despite his many challenges and trials he manages to find the funny quite often. I love his blog and feel moved to share one of his recent posts that made me LOL. Through the heaviness of this pandemic his posts have helped me see the lighter side of life. He has great wisdom, true wit, and often, a lot of compassion and empathy. Do yourself a favor and check it out:

11 thoughts on “Laughter, the best medicine, this one’s for you, Gary

  1. Aha, another fan of Bereaved Single Dad. I love how every single post – and they are numerous – has at least one nugget in it that makes it special. He definitely hasn’t improved my thoughts on Boris Johnson! 😏

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