Yesterday it was -36 Celsius and – 58 with the wind chill factored into it. That’s pretty freaking cold. Today is much the same. Life gets interesting when the thermometer dips so low. For one thing the exhaust from vehicles in front of you freezes in place, making driving even more challenging. On days like this we stay home, if at all possible. Today we have similar temperatures with a slight one degree drop lower. Yup, it’s cold. But the wonder of seeing the Northern Lights somewhat makes up for it. They really are a blessing on a frigidly cold night. So, last night I was out on the balcony to try to capture them. These photos do not do them justice at all, and it was so cold I could not stay outside to try to get better ones.

On the best nights the lights “dance” in the sky
I love the green hues, if the earth is white the skies were definitely displaying their beautiful green hues in the Norther Lights

I really wish I could have captured more, but my fingers were beginning to freeze after mere moments outside

Ice fog this morning, a rather eerie view, but pretty too

This morning we were treated to a thick ice fog. It’s not easy to really see in this photograph but it was very dense. Oh, the joys of living in the frozen North! Yet, though it is very, very cold I do enjoy the Northern Lights and the ice fog. That is, as long as I can stay comfortably ensconced at home.

33 thoughts on “Northern Lights: the blessing of frigid weather

    1. I have seen such wonderfully awesome photos of the Northern Lights – you have to dress very warm and have to have a lot of patience to get them. I have patience, but the cold does me in. Still, it’s a joy to see one of nature’s true miracles. πŸ™‚

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    1. I wish I could have captured better pic but had to take my glove off to get these rather poor specimens. It was literally cold enough that staying out in it, especially with bare hands was to risk frost bite.

      I am hoping that I will get another chance. Thanks so much. They really are so awe-inspiring and magical, almost spiritual in a sense. I am glad you got an opportunity to see them, they must be spectacular from a plane!!!

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      1. Here’s hoping. January was so pleasant, sunny days and easy to get out. Winter is nearly over now – at least that’s what I keep telling myself. LOL

        Hope you’re doing well.


    1. Norway has fantastic light shows, we get them like that here once in a while, but not often. I’ve only seen them this one time so far this year. They really are amazing – the down side is they come out in absolutely frigid weather.

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    1. Thanks so much. I am still disappointed I couldn’t capture more. I was using my cell phone and had to take my glove off (why can’t they invent cell phones that don’t require me to do that?)

      I’ve never heard that particular meaning of the lights. Humankind has a tendency toward wars and self destruction. The Aurora Borealis are so beautiful I could never equate them with such carnage.


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