I stand alone, but not alone

On this cold November Day

Remembering men and women, who

A century and more ago

Faced the guns and laid down lives

That we may meet again

In freedom and in peace

Across this land we remember you

With sad but grateful hearts

And let us pass on the command

To Remember this day

Lest we Forget

No, never again

The price for freedom

Was paid by those

Who lay in ditches and trenches,

While above the guns roared on and on and on

The guns were silenced

As they must be

In every land on earth

And let us not forget

No, never

That we each bear responsibility

To “let peace begin with me”

And never take for granted

This gift of yours,

You men and women

Who faced the guns

To grant us all the freedom

I stand alone, but not alone

As hearts and minds across this land

Remember you again

11 thoughts on “I will Remember you

  1. This touched my heart. What a beautiful tribute to the men and women who gave their all so that we might have better lives. That we would live free. That I am here to find the peace within me, thinking and acting from that place. ❤ ❤

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