From someone who knows … read on (from a fellow blogger who has experienced the awful virus known as Covid 19)

Call Me Lou.

I am alive.

Several folks contacted me to see where I had gone to. I apologize for my abrupt absence, but I’m into my 4th week of Covid-19.

It is the sickest I’ve probably ever been. I realize, however, how fortunate I am.

I am alive.

This stuff hit me like a freight train. I felt good in the morning and by afternoon was on my back with fever and a cough. I’m still trying to kick the fever and cough, but am doing better. This is the first time I have felt like writing and posting anything.

I realize that even though I had a rough time, there are so many who had it much worse than I did.

I am alive.

As I sit here wheezing, I wish you peace, health, and good sense.

Peace for your mind and soul.

Health for your body.

And the good sense…

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9 thoughts on “What happened to You?

      1. I hear you! I am not working at the moment and hubby’s health keeps us on our toes and pretty much self-isolating still. We’d begun to relax but then the number of cases of Covid started increasing. Makes me feel like a turtle in a shell, poking my nose out now and then, and then withdrawing once again. If it weren’t for WordPress I’d be going batty. LOL

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    1. I thought it was worth the share – too many people have no idea how debilitating Covid can be. It’s not your garden variety flu and, as Lou points out, it affects everybody differently. Thanks for sharing, Maureen.


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