And when he lays upon that bed

Alone in his suffering,

Then will he see

Will his eyes be opened,

To his frivolity?

When he lays upon that bed

Will visions of superiority comfort him,

He that thought himself above such commonality?

When he lays upon that bed

Will arrogance still hold sway?

Or might his heart be softened,

By experiencing first hand this dread?

Do we lower ourselves to a level

We construe to be unkind?

Or do we beg for mercy

From the One and Holy Divine?

To wish not hot coals be delivered on his head

But a change of mind and purpose

For the one who has misled so many

So, come now, please Divine One

Let your compassion be our guide

And let not his sins be the occasion

For us to judge and to deride

Take from our minds the temptation,

The urge to dance ‘I told you so’

Let us seek sober thought and reason

Let us not be set adrift on the ocean of unforgiveness

Let your compassion be our guide

9 thoughts on “Let Compassion Be Our Guide

  1. Oh, my, Carol, this poem is brilliant. Accusatory, yet providing a path to redemption through embracing compassion. Your intertwining of egregious, selfish behaviour and the intervention of the Divine is so effective because it is so gentle. I love it. I had those same thoughts but never could have expressed them so beautifully.

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    1. You’re so very kind, Jane. Thanks so much. I have to confess to wrestling with this whole thing. At the end of the day we are all only human, even those of us who seem to be somewhat less than that at times.

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      1. thanks, Jane. I have read books that examine the childhoods of such notorious people like Osama bub Laden and Hitler and how truly terrible they were. I do think that the things we do to children, the way they are neglected and abused has long term ill effects that often spill out on the world in ways that are evil. I think people have to be held accountable and I am not giving such people a free pass, but sometimes I think looking at the whole picture gives a bit of insight and understanding.

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      2. You are a kind person! I totally agree that the way children are raised can result in them being very damaged individuals. It’s just a shame for all concerned (sometimes for the entire world) when they end up in positions of authority.

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