It’s Orange Shirt Day in Canada. Find out more by checking out this blog.

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Today, September 30, is Orange Shirt Day in Canada. Orange Shirt Day was inaugurated in 2013 with the goal of increasing awareness of Canada’s history of the indigenous residential school system, a history which is painfully in need of recognition and atonement. Hopefully this event will gain in participation every year and make a valuable contribution to the important path of healing and reconciliation.

Canada’s residential school system

I’m not going to go on at length about this shameful history and its legacy. It’s just too upsetting. But I’ll go through it briefly. For 165 years – believe it or not, from the first one opening in 1831 to the last one closing in 1996 – the Canadian government funded church-run boarding schools for indigenous children with the stated purpose of integrating them into our Eurocentric society. Another way of putting this was “to take the Indian out of the…

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10 thoughts on “Today is Orange Shirt Day in Canada. Why?

  1. The history of how indigenous Canadians have been treated in this country is just terrible. My heart breaks for these children who were dragged from their homes and forced into residential schools. I hope that movements like this eventually get through to people.

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