Your frustration, like a toxic cloud, leaks into the air

Negative energies, like a million porcupine quills, stab my spirit

Waves of anger, hatred, cruelly aimed to pierce my soul

Disturbing my peace and sending contentment into the abyss

I try to walk away, to defend myself with space

Your anger follows me seeking that vulnerable crevice,

That crack where it can invade and poison

I cry out to the Divine One for protection, for help

And help comes, bathing me in consolation

I will not be your emotional punching bag, I refuse

And the Divine One, the great mystery, sends help

In human form with warm heart and empathy

With gentle hands and understanding eyes

And I am absolved, forgiven, for my part in this unholy dance

And in my weakness, I am given strength

To persevere, to rise above

The sharpened arrows flung with abandon

A shield surrounds me, protection given

Darkness pierced by loving kindness

And I heal, slowly, slowly I heal

And I am made whole again

And as before the emotional storm

All is well, all is well

Peace and contentment return, like a loyal dog

To dispatch the final dregs of unease

And I call this, ‘mercy’

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