Read on for beautiful and wise insights regarding the arts – whether printed word, images, jewelry-making, or whatever. I am honored to share this post from Bag O’ Magic Soup … please, read on

...Bag O' Magic Soup

Every so often I see memes comes across my Facebook or my Instagram about how authors artists and graphic designer‘s are all feeling the pressure from COVID. A lot of media is trying to convince the public that artists are at the bottom of the priority list when it comes to occupations. And I think this has been a narrative that has gone on long enough and needs to be finished off.

Cancel culture has become a big part of the huge cultural shift we are experiencing. I want to cancel the anti-artists culture. Because when a person can’t leave their home out of safety for their own health, their friends health, their neighbors, and strangers health, what beauty do they get to encounter at all when they’re stuck in their own for walls?

I myself have experience the beauty of the outpouring of my fanbase. I transitioned from my…

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