Drifting along waiting for this freaking virus to be annihilated. Will that ever happen? I don’t know about you but I feel so very drained by it all. I am just so tired – mentally, spiritually, and physically. And empty – so empty. Yet, I know in my deepest being that we are not forgotten. We are not alone. When my strength is gone, I know I can rely on the Divine One to carry me through; to lift me up and provide the hope and encouragement I need. When I feel lost and alone; when I feel like I cannot go on, from out of nowhere this flickering wick is re-lit and the flame leaps high. Sometimes that comes in the form of human hands. Sometimes it comes during a walk-in nature. Sometimes it comes through the loving attention of family members or friends. Sometimes it is as simple as sitting and stroking my cat’s fur. Yes, it always comes, that strength and peace I need. So, I will rest here and wait knowing that I will be given all I need for this day and the next and the next….

May you be given whatever it is you may need today. And may you recognize the blessing when it comes. Be well. Be safe.

9 thoughts on “Drifting

  1. I hear you. This pandemic has been very draining and isolating. Things have slightly improved over here in Ontario as the economy has slowly been reopening, but it’s still super tough. I went a good three months before I could see my mom or other family, even longer to see friends. Even when you do see people you know, you have to still keep a distance. No more hugging. Just hoping things improve.

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  2. A society that is obsessed with instantaneous everything isn’t well prepared to deal with God’s timing, or in fact with earth’s. I often reflect on God’s reaction to Moses thinking he could help along with God”’s People by slaying an oppressive Egyptian. God’s. Answer was to send Young Moses out into the wilderness as a shepherd for 40 years. COVID has no ears to hear we expect it to be gone anytime soon.

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    1. We have indeed become people who expect instantaneous everything, including a vaccine for a virus that is relatively new and still has so many unknowns. The rush to create a vaccine is laudable, but will the “cure” be worst than the disease itself if it’s placed in the fast lane? It worries me. Life is certainly challenging at the moment. Placing it all in God’s hands helps.


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