Note to self, Never leave the trail, especially on a humid morning

Some days it just does not pay to go for a walk. It’s been raining here a lot this month. Rain is in the forecast again for every day this week. Enough already! But yesterday was beautiful and this morning dawned lovely and bright. So, I decided to make use of the nice weather while I could and went for a walk along the riverbank. I’d decided to go to a trail I haven’t walked in almost a year, but wanted to be near the river (that was a big mistake). I left the trail and climbed down the bank to walk along the shore of the river. That was fine and I made it without mishap. On the way back I once again climbed the bank up to the trail and fell in the muddy and very wet grass. The grass is very long there. I was soaked! Mud all over me! To make matters worst, the air was thick with humidity and the mosquitoes fierce. And just when I was almost to the top of the bank I fell again. Now my shoes were soaked as were my jeans. My hands and forearms covered in much and nowhere to rinse it off. Good times. And the nippers left many itchy spots. The best part of the morning was meeting Naya (her name means little sister), a husky cross. Her owner told me she is also part wolf. She came out of the woods just as I reached my car. What a sweet doggie, very friendly. I had a brief chat with her owner before climbing into my car to go home and shower. Silver linings. And my sweet Callie-cat was happy to welcome me home, despite the mud. Aw, unconditional love!

Have a nice, mud-free, day my friends. I am going to try to find something to take the itch away from these bites.

13 thoughts on “Mud and mosquitoes

    1. I was so fed up with the rain that the only thing I could think of was taking advantage of the weather while it was dry – never considering how the rain would have made the mud slick and the long greases would retain the moisture. At my age I should know better but I was too impatient. It’s all good, I survived and no harm done – except for the bug bites, they still itch. haha

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  1. Oh dear Carol! That reminds me of when I was much much younger. Me and the ine who is now my hubby went for an evening walk in the woids, and, as you do, we had a few kisses under the trees, and the next day – whoa, loads and loads of mosquito bites! I wondered the same as you – was it worth it lol.

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  2. You must get Edmonton’s rain and mosquitos. They seem to always have rain. One storm brought down a big tree right on top of my sister & brother in law’s shed. At least it wasn’t their house!


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