Suspended in limbo

Soft, soft whispers of my soul

Saying quietly, ‘hold on, just hold on’

Through darkest night

It keeps telling me, ‘hold on’

“Nothing lasts forever”,

That gentle voice went on,

“Even things you wish could

Whether the day is grim and bitter,

Whether the sun shines warm upon your skin

Just hold on

Whether icy winds feel like talons,

Breaking all your bones

Hold on

Whether your heart feels frozen stiff,

Or is melting like ice cream in July

Hold on

Whether the scent of lilacs waft upon a gentle breeze

Or pine trees bend in terrible tempests

Hold on

Savor the sweetness when it comes

And hold on

Nothing lasts forever

And there is little you can do

But hold on, hold on”

10 thoughts on “Soul whispers

  1. Feeling this too. This makes me think of those posters with a cat dangling from a branch and the words “hang in there baby” – never really found that image overly comforting.

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  2. Such beautiful poetry. Such wisdom. Something that I have found comfort in over time is the Buddhist concept of impermanence, something that you have so eloquently described in this beautiful poem. I don’t know about you, but I like that nothing is permanent. As I read/saw the picture you painted with your words I could feel and taste and see and smell it all…so vivid. Thank you, yet again, for another post well worth reading. ❤

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