These photos were taken over the past few years between Fort McMurray and Edmonton. Alberta has many beautiful places. There is lots of rural farmland as well as hills and mountains with lakes and rivers carved into the land.

The mighty Athabasca River taken in the town of Athabasca
Highway 63 winds over hills and through lush farmland from Fort McMurray to Edmonton
Horses, cows, sheep, llama, alpacas, and even buffalo can be seen on the drive to Edmonton
Rivers, ponds, and lakes aplenty
And lots and lots of cows
Lac La Biche
Beaver Dams are a frequent sight as well
Look up into those wide Alberta skies and you may catch sight of a hawk or two
North of Fort McMurray
Gregoire Lake, just outside Fort McMurray, near the community of Anzac
Fort McMurray Golf Course

18 thoughts on “Serenity Sunday: Alberta

      1. I did not live at Fort Mac but I lived at Thompson, Mb. LaRonge, SK and Spruce Lake, SK. And Lloydminster and North Battleford but of course those two last ones are not that far north.

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      2. Except for a few very cold days in winter I rather enjoy living here. I met women from Big River, Sask. last year when hubby was in hospital. By the sound of it they have similar weather there.


      3. I don’t know if it was because it was years ago, but when I lived up north it was seldom if ever windy (southern Saskatchewan has gale force winds) and up north it just snowed steady all winter – here it is blizzards in and warmer spells. In the summer, thunder & lightening with every rain.

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