Last week my daughter and I went on a hike on a nature trail here in town. I love the woods. I hope you do too. Here are a few photos from our little adventure.

Does anyone else see a face here? Admittedly I have a vivid imagination.
Mushroom growing out of a tree trunk – fantastic!
A promise of wild strawberries – they grow abundantly on the edges of the trail
The Birchwood trail goes on for many miles through the city
Another mushroom! A very oddly shaped mushroom!
At some points the trail is a narrow footpath
Almost looks like something out of a sci-fi movie but this is no special effects job – nature does it well with no help at all
One minute it was sunny but off and on the clouds moved in
A fairy hoop – the woods are magical
More mushrooms!
I kept seeing them everywhere – maybe I was hungry….
While there are many level areas the Cougar Trail can be quite arduous as well – lots of hills!
Another “monster”
Evidence of insects – it was too low to the ground to be wood peckers
What do you see?

I hope you enjoyed the hike. Come back soon and we will go again. Thanks for visiting.

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